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REGISTRAZIONEAccedi - Dash Webpage (Chargers, Clock, News, Stocks, Weather, Sticky Notes)

I updated my dash site at You can register for the site and start customizing your background to match your interior, stocks, and weather.

The plan is to eventually customize out the whole thing for your TESLA MODel S.

1. Larger buttons for easier tapping
2. Weather locations can be picked - Just login, edit Weather in your profile, and now weather locations are yours to set.
3. New Feeds now available - Not customizable yet
4. Sports Feeds now available - Not customizable yet
5. Instruct - Tips from TMC and TeslaTaps now linked in
6. Dash - A list of silly dash screens available.

1. Sticky Notes - Useful for when you don't have a pen.
2. Chargers -, plans to add others.
3. Stocks - Still customizable using your profile Stocks field.

Registration fails (log-in sez "invalid username"). Insect-y.

To be clear: after receiving mailed password, login still fails.

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