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Tire Pressure Light On after 1 day of purchasing the car

Just picked up my new Tesla Sunday afternoon and my tire pressure light has already come on this evening. Has anyone had this problem? After I drive it for awhile the tire pressure light goes off but then it comes on again.

Is it the Tire Pressure Warning or the indicator that the TPMS system needs service? They are two different warnings.

Common problem. Happened to me. It's a faulty sensor. Take it in and they'll change out the sensor. Changed the sensor 6 weeks. Problem solved

I assume its the sensor warning. If its a tire pressure warning check your tire pressures. They know all about the sensor issue.

It's the tire pressure warning sensor. Thank you guys for responding to my post so quickly! I greatly appreciate your feedback and comments. :)

Yep...many of us had that issue. Mine still occasionally pops up even now after it's been serviced, but pretty rarely now.

I've had the same problem. I was told that most cases have turned out not to be due to a faulty sensor, and that the next firmware update should fix it. Update installed last night. We'll see if it's fixed.

I had it too. Went away after 10 mins of driving. Tesla Service said it is fine.

Firmware update installed last night. Still 4.5, but a newer version. TPMS warning has not come on, though it's been intermittent in the past. Hopefully it's fixed, but if not, I'll head to service at some point and get sensor swapped out. Very minor problem, and only problem I've had with my incredible Model S. Still grinning!

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