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We did this with the Roadster. What vanity plates are people ordering for the Model S? My Roadster is IL – FUELESS as a play on all the people that told me I was foolish for buying the car. Haven't picked one for the S yet. Share yours here.

I posted earlier that I plan on putting a motorcycle/trailer sized plate on the front with a no drill plastic bracket. Don't have a lot of interest in the holes or the full-size. I'm hoping the police won't know any better.

Slindell, thanks for the info.

My Ca plates will be GOT AMPD

h8young. I just asked nicely. I explained the car was scheduled to be hand built in California in early 2013. To my surprise, they said OK.

hand built? The robots are not amused.


Brian H. Sorry, a poor choice of words. I do not wish to offend the "bots"... but could they please speed it up, the DMV won't hold my plate forever.

Ordered New York plates today.

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6 weeks for the plates, 11 weeks for the car. Can't wait!

P IS IV. Equal sign not allowed

I wanted NIKOLA but someone in Washington state already has it.

How about EQ? P EQ IV ??

Brian, that would work too. Probably better. Thanks for the suggestion.

Here are a couple threads that have already collected lots of ideas: (public) (private) (private) (public)

(*private means that only logged-in reservation holders can see these topics.)

CA Plates <3 2BECLN is my plate

Volker.Berlin: Are you sure about that ? I have EU#P1088 and if I try to open a private thread I just get "access denied". I though these threads were for owners only ?

It's the same for me. I'm logged in and have a reservation (#537) and I can't access any private threads.

What's the difference between a public and a private thread? How is a thread made "private"?

jkirkebo & bredell: Yes, private threads are for reservation holders. I had the same problem when I first tried accessing them too, so I sent an email to the only address on the site (the one for reservations in the Contact Us section), and a few days later I had access. FYI, I had to send another email later to get access to create a private thread, but hopefully you won't have to.

i am expecting mine in September and here are a few ideas that i am playing with:

6.00 MPG

I am also holding "nohybrid", what do yuo think?

Shouldn't #6 be "00 GPM"?
And #3: NO EXOST ??

Maybe just a little slow this morning, but I don't grok TON YHW.

Mirror it ;)

Not for me, then. Not planning on a front plate. But clever!

I just ordered "NOMO ICE" from California DMV :-)

# 3 had to be "creative", as for 00 GPM - totally agree, but not available as well..

i don't know, i guess will keep no hybrid.

BYE2ICE is still available in CA.

0 FLATUS surrounded by a license plate frame that says "My Other Car Suffers from Gas"

I dare you! Terrific! Has it been approved yet?


Brian H,
Been approved and is sitting in a drawer at one of the CA DMV's for me to p/u when my car arrives.

GAS LOL (Oregon)

I'm very pleased with my smug self.

Heh. Didja try NO FARTS first? ;)

Just ordered NY Plate
1PT21 GW
which will reside on my Prius until I get my Model S sometime next spring P6111.

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