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Washing and Detailing Your MS!

I gave my MS it's first full wash and detail the other day. Overall, nothing really different than washing any other type of car, however, I did notice that a great deal areas of the car trap excess water.
Thus, for a proper detail, I suggest having some type of compressed air, or maybe a leaf-blower, to force out trapped water around the door seals, hatch seals, frunk seals, side mirror seals, tail-light seals, and especially around the front light seals. Also a clean wet high-quality shami or sham-wow, to collect the water as it runs out the seals. Finally a good quality clean microfiber cloth, and some commercial detailing spray (I use Mothers), to remove any water spots, etc. I also use a high-quality cleaner / polish / wax for any minor scratches, etc.

Being the wheels are also painted, they can be treated the same way.

Being a life-long Southern California resident, knowing how to wash and detail your ride can be a very rewarding experience. Otherwise, I suggest hiring a professional detailing service, if you really want to maintain the paint, and quality look of your MS!

Otherwise, if you trust your local car-wash... well, as the saying goes... Caveat emptor.

If you have been successfully washing your Model S at a touchless wash, drive away if they install guide pipes. Here is a photo.

After 4,400 miles, 21" wheel damage occurred today when driving into the touchless car wash that was used successfully before. I do not remember the guide pipes on each side in the past, but I sure noticed them today and was extra careful to center Model S in the wash. Not careful enough and while the tire appears flawless, the scrape to the outer edge of the driver's side rim dug into the metal. It happened very quickly and I felt it immediately when slowly driving in.

If you are using a touchless car wash that does not have the guide pipes and you have only been concerned about the mirrors, watch if they install the pipes to help them avoid damage to their equipment. While it may protect their wash, it will damage the 21" wheel if you scrape your wheel against the pipe.

Brian H.
Thanks for posting the Junkman video link. I realize now that even though I've been washing cars for over thirty years I've been creating swirls and other nasty things because the standard one bucket approach is so problematic. Thanks goodness I have learned better before my MS arrived. My foamgun is on the way!

@Brian H.

Did not find it, but that someone would be wrong.Mitt is what all pro's use. You do need to make sure you keep it clean (2 bucket methode). A sponge is something you should avoid. Mitts are good :)

Mark Z

Damn!! I am sorry for you rims. That's my biggest fear! Looks pretty deep, like a curb strike. Did you complain?

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