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what improvements have been made to the MS in last 8 months?

Have any of the suggested customer improvements been acted upon by TSLA and are now delivered with new Model S's?

All i know is the creep option added to the controls.

Timed charging, more readable maps, always up navigation, probably more I am not thinking of.

Textile seats were updated to include all of the functionality of the leather seats.

Parking sensors...???

I just got new rotors so my brakes don't squeak anymore!

Mobile app provided, vampire drain addressed with update 5.0 (although they apparently also broke navigation with that update).

Do the sun visors have lighted mirrors yet? Thanks to anyone who knows.

@ eking: no not yet

This is what i am concerned appears that there are still many small features that are pretty much standard for another luxury car in same bracket, but somehow got overlooked in their rapid development.

For instance the lighted mirror sunvisor, the ability to close charging door from within the cabin, parking sensors, proper centre console etc.

I am sure these features will be added shortly, but this is affecting me and my delivery date....wondering if i should delay delivery a few months in order to possiblity get some of these soon to be added features on myc ar instead of taking delivery next month.

Parking sensors are already available.........

A motor on the charging door is unlikely.

Closing charge door.
I really struggle to see this as an issue. If you have 2 hands( my sympathy to those who don't ) then you take the charge cable out with one hand and close the door with the other. Really!
Most ICE cars also have a flapper lid covering the fuel cap, I have had about 40 cars, none of them closed via a remote button.

This cannot be an issue. If it is then perhaps a robotic arm to fetch the forgotten wallet on the roof is next request?

My vote is as follows(random order)
Folding side mirrors. (or tiny cameras to replace them perhaps)
Adaptive cruise control
Customizable screen
Tire air pressure display(each tire)
Button to present doorhandles(to assist passenger unfamiliar with the car, so as not to confuse them)
4weell drive!
Centre console improvement

@Yme the prioritized software enhancement list

I want to see backup guidelines on the rear camera view. Even non-arcing ones will do.

Motorized closing of the Frunk would be nice.

A general upgrade of the interior finish. The visors etc, are not much better than an economy car. The dash is fine.

Regardless, it's the most fun and pleasurable car to drive I've ever owned. I've had Infiniti M35S, Audi A8, A6 All-Road, A4 Avant

After driving the Tesla, everything else seems crude.

Are there ICE cars that close the gas door from the inside? I miss this fraturein my prevous MB, BMW, Jags :/

Other changes:

The door handles now have a much nicer feel. The original exterior handles don't move when you pull on them, jerking your arm slightly when opening a door. New handles give and open smoothly, they are a dream in comparison.

Older models didn't have an extra cubbyhole in the trunk on the right side. They always had a cubbyhole on the left side of the trunk, newer cars also have one of the right side of the trunk.

@shop | SEPTEMBER 27, 2013: Older models didn't have an extra cubbyhole in the trunk on the right side. They always had a cubbyhole on the left side of the trunk, newer cars also have one of the right side of the trunk.

The right cubby hole has always been filled with the subwoofer on cars with the upgraded audio.

Kaboom, I read somewhere that you couldn't change your delivery date, but maybe you know more? I'm moving from a condo to a house in six months or so and don't want the car until then so I am in no hurry to order. Hoping there won't be another price-rise soon, and that they improve their quality control in the meantime.

The delay will also give me the chance to look at the I3. It has less acceleration and much less range. The range is OK for me, it's easier to park and, at $41K after incentives, easier to leave unattended. I still haven't driven a Tesla. They won't allow me to drive anything but the P85 with 21" wheels, although they have an S in the showroom.

Of all things mentioned I feel display of real tire pressures
(my current car has it) is the most useful. It saves you the trouble of needing to check of tire pressure routinely and worse if you fogot to check.

@carlk | SEPTEMBER 28, 2013: I feel display of real tire pressures (my current car has it) is the most useful.

Yes, this is one of the most useful things, along with it being a very necessary safety issue. I like to keep my eye on the tire pressure while driving many times, especially on long trips. I have caught several slow leaks this way and avoided an issue by not waiting for the TPMS to warn me later on. There is suppose to be some software update in the queue for allowing you to specify more than 4 tires to the TPMS system. Maybe they will add tire pressure readouts at the same time.

If you haven't done this already, please vote for this feature in the Prioritized Software Enhancement List. It's listed as item g. Individual tire pressure & temperature readouts and monitoring

I sure hope they are upgrading/redesigning the rear seats so they are more comfortable and have proper head protection. If you are over 5 Feet tall and sit in the back you have a silly tiny head rest that doesn't adjust and hits you in the neck or your head hits the roof pillar. This is not good! I also agree TPMS would be very useful as well as Blind Spot Warning. If you are paying the same price for a loaded BMW or Mercedes you should get very similar luxury with Tesla.

@Alex K - my bad. So my right cubbyhole must have a subwoofer in it. Umm, where does the sound come out? There is no speaker grill anywhere...

Tire pressure and temperature are very important for safety, performance and wear. I would like to have built in air pressure pump that would automatically maintain the correct tire pressures for the driving condition, temperature, etc. Also, tire pressure would be another item less to maintain.

I would like the battery capacity to increase to 150 KW-hr to enable sustainable hi speed driving before needing to be recharged. The car itself could loose some weight and improve handling, as long as safety in maintained.

I think Tesla had limited engineering and developmental resources, so they focussed on the most important aspects. They did a great job... and I enjoy driving the car.

@ Nu2Ecar

I think delivery date is locked in once you confirm order. But i still have time before my order confirms.

Just debating to go for earliest possible delivery date, or push it back 6 months

@Bubba2000 Auto tire pump is very difficult to do and no car has it yet. Tire pressure read out is easy to add, Tesla TPM sensor presumbly is already providing the data, and many cars have it too.

Tesla's TPMS system only has one receiver, so it can't relate a specific tire to the pressure reading. This is fairly common design, but makes display a little odd as you can only show four tire pressures without easy identification of which tire the pressure relates too. Lexus just displayed the five tires in random order (it also monitored the spare tire). To me, that's better than no display.

GM has a similar system, but had a clever (but somewhat annoying) system where you could tell the system where the tire was. Every time you rotate the tires you'd have to go through the identification process.

Some car makers put receivers near each tire, so they know exactly which tire has the pressure reading. More expensive, but nicer.

Other reasons I can think of why Tesla might choose to avoid showing us the tire pressures include, random dropouts, inaccuracies over temperature or shock, or inaccuracy in general. These issues may not be a problem for general tire warnings, but would look bad on a display. We can always hope it's just they are busy on more important features and will get to it in the future.

For other desired features (software, hardware, etc.) you can always add them or instantly vote on them over at my website:

Napatesla "If you are paying the same price for a loaded BMW or Mercedes you should get very similar luxury with Tesla"

Hard to compare price and equate it with luxury. Many posters try to make a direct comparison to other cars based on price. I don't see the Tesla as a luxury brand or car. It's a nice mid range car with some cutting edge technology and a beautiful appearance. Just because it costs more does not suddenly make it a seven series BMW.

$30,000 dollars or more of the price is nothing more than an energy offset. You are prepaying to be able to use cheaper cleaner energy. That cost went into batteries rather than bells and whistles. If you added 20 to 30k to the BMW or Mercedes to compensate for fuel cost for 100,00 miles you would have a better dollar to dollar comparison.

I am amazed that it is as nice as it is based on the trade off for battery cost. I have my second one on order and my "luxury" BMW 760i is collecting dust.

Low frequency sound doesn't need air holes, it travels through everything. I'm getting hi-fi rock bass drumming from upstairs right now, as it happens. >:(

Wow this is thread is really running astray.

New things in the last 8 months? Here's a biggie:

I didn't have a car alarm system when I got my car. It just appeared one morning.

They stiffened up the hood.

I think they added cushioning in the seats too.

I wish I had the more rigid hood... I don't use the frunk because it seems a bit delicate. The new hood is much better.

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