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What a shame--in Consumer Report of 2013 American Top Picks: The best cars born in the USA, Model S is not even mentioned

Consumer Report does not even mention Model S. Why?

Too soon.

Have to finish their testing first.

Tesla Model S gets lots of coverage just after the "2013 Cars Top Picks" on page 13 in the April Annual Auto Issue. I appreciated their comment: "So far we love driving the Model S." Efficient, sports car performance, relatively long range, pleasure to drive, roomy cargo area are just a fraction of the positive statements.

While there are no ratings yet, they do show Model S in the Profiles section. See page 67 for the "roomy and luxurious" description.

It'll just take some time. Not too sure why they haven't claimed some of those wonderful titles out there yet, but watching TV is painful now. Listening to commercials from all these other car makers blabbing about how they have the 'sportiest', 'roomiest', 'safest', 'most efficient', 'cutting edge', 'advanced' and 'built by americans, for americans', 'fastest growing car company'...
Those all belong to Tesla if you ask me. I don't know who has to do the testing or paperwork, but GET HOT!
Tesla's new slogan should be, "As long as we're around, they'll always be second best. See?" ;-)

The ad that got to me was "game changer". Hmmm... where have I heard that before?

Yeah Cap'n... The dodge dart commercial is one that gets me laughing every time! How do you build something new? You start from scratch... blah blah. Same old thing!
Tesla started from scratch!!!
A few weeks ago I humiliated a Challenger SRT8. Their crowning HEMI powered two-door brawler.
All I can say is I love the 4.2 update and the new throttle response! I still don't know how they make 416 HP move a 4700lb car THAT FAST! Conservative insurance numbers for sure...

They say in the car issue that they'll do a full test soon.

Meanwhile, they trashed the Fisker.

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