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Where is

Haven t heard/seen any wisdom from Volker for a while, feel lost!

LOL and best of luck VB!

Glad you are still around Volker.Berlin. We miss you and hope you will be back soon.

Volker, when there is is noise, you were always the voice of reason. Loved reading your posts and how you always bring back objectivity to the clamor. Will miss you too.

I know what you must have been going through before finally deciding to go cold turkey. I am suffering teslaholicism myself.

Best wishes for you and family and job. That is quite a threesome :-)

I'm sure you all understand that our collective mission is not complete until Volker's S has been delivered. Kirk out.


I second that .


I know he doesn't have his MS yet... he must have met a woman...

I agree with Volker. I don't remember having spent as much time browsing forums and blogs as I've done since configuring the car a few weeks ago. Hopefully this craziness will subside somewhat when I get the car (next week? VIN 3226). Model S can definitely turn you into a head-case in no time...

@Volker.Berlin - we will all miss you and I hope you took the Spock photo as a compliment. That's what it was intended to be!

swd over some cold turkey!

(Hope he still reads this)

We do miss you, Volker. Perhaps just a visit once per week?


Well, it did work, and quickly. Thought I'd try one of those questions that makes others stare off into the unknown---hoping for devine inspiration.

VB was asking around Europe for a later reservation, hoping to give himself more time than his #2EU allows. I wonder ...

Yeah, I had to go cold turkey, too, since my wife had a stroke two months ago, one week before her 34th birthday. I also thought about putting up a goodbye thread, but figured I'd probably check in on occasion. That, and I'm not nearly the celebrity that Volker is.

Volker Berlin,

I'll miss your contributions here as well. I always love to hear your perspective and insights. Thank you for all the help. You are quite an ambassador. An objective one at that.

I was wondered if you were frequenting these forums less because was making it easier for people to find things on their own. I also wondered if it was because the board is becoming more cumbersome with the big increase in traffic. Happy to hear that you'll still be around via TMC.

I'll send you a note to let you know when we are Berlin so I can buy you a beer. I owe you one.

Thanks again & see you on TMC.

Bump. Keeping the legend alive.

Ah, now it makes sense.

Volker - Thanks for the update and hope your forum detox is effective. Your prodigious contributions are much appreciated (and immortalized by Nick's search page)..

I found harmony in my household a different way: I bought my wife a Model S too.

Now she fully comprehends the fascination with the history written each day by this car, this company, and these people.

And my kids ... well, they are excited and proud their family has vaulted into the future.

Mom and Dad have become officially cool again.

Volker should just about have his S about now. I hope he chimes in to give us a report!

I just missed him here but thanks for inspiring nickjhowe to create the search for us all!


Are you sure they delivered MS to Germany? So far I saw Norway and Switzerland...

They started delivery to Belgium, The Netherlands, and Germany when the Tesla factory opened in Tilburg last week. Among the first few cars delivered during the opening ceremony, there were a couple with German license plates. Not sure about other central European countries, but of those 3 I'm certain.

Volker occasionally posts on TMC under the same name these days. Quite infrequent, but he's still around. I miss his sage comments here too. But is really did get overwhelming trying to keep up with this site once cars started to be delivered. Can't blame him a bit.

He's coming back for a visit with a big Tesla grin!


I hope he comes back with photos!

"Where is" Likely, in Berlin! ;)

Actually he went to Hamburg for his first days with his Model S, I believe.

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