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Where would you like to see Tesla set up Super Chargers?

I have a couple long drives I undertake and came up with a list that would be convenient for me. Somehow I think Tesla will take a wider array of people into account :)

Here is where I would like to see them (for my personal convenience of course :) )
North Bay, ON
Barrie, ON
Stratford, ON
Niagara, Falls, ON
Erie, PA
Morgantown, WV
Beckley, WV
Charlotte or Statesville, NC

I actually anticipate Tesla will concentrate their super chargers in/near their hottest U.S. markets (at least initially), but I can dream about them being in more out of the way places.

Where would they suit you best?

NJ Garden State Parkway please!! This is one of the most highly trafficked roads running north/south from NY to Ocean City, NJ Tesla seems to be focused on the Delaware to Connecticut supercharger rout along I-95 which is completely understandable. I hope they add 2 in NJ. One on I-95 near Woodbridge or East Brunswick and another on Garden State Parkway near Brick, NJ enabling long trips along the Jersey Shore. Please chime I. If you live in NJ. Thx!

If I had the money to invest I would place DC fast chargers approximately 100 mi apart and would not care if they are a short distance from Tesla superchargers. People who dont want to wait for six cars in line ahead of them at the supercharger would not mind paying me say $20 an hour to add 150 mi range and have enough power to reach my next station even with headwinds.That price is still better than gas. I'm thinking of the guy who reached the Barstow SC after I had just plugged in who had to wait for an hour 20 bucks is not much for people who buy large luxury cars (see

I45 between Dallas and Houston.

Then I35 between Austin and Dallas.

Route 17 in Middletown, NY - good spot, halfway up to the Catskills.

Or possible 287N in NY between the Tappan Zee Bridge and Route 17 - good interchange for traffic in that entire area.

Irvine/El Toro CA at the 5/405 split.
Palm Springs, CA.
My garage.

I 75 northern Michigan to southern Florida
Chicago to NewYork via Detroit and Toronto

@Earl and Nagin ... there are two potential strategies (a) build many stalls in a few locations or build less stalls in more locations.
The 58 intersection makes a lot of sense, because it takes the some load of Harris and Tejon. All the LV travel from the Bay Area doesn't have to detour over Tejon and 58 to Gilroy is doable in a 85 kWh (Tejon to Golroy is doable, but not for the faint of heart)
Not that the folks in CA should complain of not having enough SC, but as a long term strategy I think more locations is the better solution.

I-90 NYS Thruway in Albany and Buffalo. Tremendous traffic going across I-90 from Boston to Ohio....

I-5 Canada to Mexico

and on to SF

101 in San Luis Obispo

I83 in Harrisburg, PA

There needs to be at least one on 101 between SF and LA. There is one in Gilroy, so perhaps San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara?

Uddevalla/Torp, along the E6 between Oslo, Norway and gothenburg, Sweden.

Agreed for the long term. Essentially, just like gas stations, every major intersection of heavily traveled roads is a good place for a Supercharger.
It just makes sense for this initial rollout to focus on covering where most of the customers go most, first, then move toward increasing capacity and convenience.

This would be really fun to solve as an Operations Research optimization problem. Kudos to the person at Tesla that is solving it!

Some really good suggestions above. As someone who's lived in DC, NYC, and Boston. It wouldn't take too many locations to enable all the weekend getaway drives.

My suggestion would be:

P1)Cheasapeake Bridge (DC to Delaware shore beach trips)
P1)Somewhere along Long Island (Hamptons)
P1)Concord, NH (Boston ski weekend)

P2) Hagerstown, MD (DC ski daytrip or weekend)
P2) I-95 between Fredericksburg and Richmond, VA

P3) Harrisburg, PA
P3) Scranton, PA

I would personally like to see I-75 near Atlanta and along I-16 between Macon,GA and Savanna/I95. If there is going to be a service center in Marietta GA, why not have a few supercharger bays there? Also, I-40 across the southern US would make sense.

Dallas, TX
Abilene, TX
Midland, TX
El Paso, TX
Lordsburg, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Blythe, AZ
Palm Springs, CA

That will get you from LA to Dallas and then the network that is coming in TX and is already in CA would get you all around CA and TX, and back and forth.

Hodne: Agree on Uddevalla/Torp. By the mall is a perfect location, 211km (131 miles) from Oslo.

The next one could be located in Halmstad, 217km/135 miles from Torp. From Halmstad you can reach most of Skjælland (part of Denmark) and an ideal location for the next one would be Køge. From there you can reach most of Denmark (all of it with a 85kWh car in summer) and large parts of Germany.

@rochec | APRIL 5, 2013: Lordsburg, AZ[...] That will get you from LA to Dallas[...]

I think you mean Lordsburg, NM

I would like to see some superchargers in San Jose, San Francisco, Concord, Vacaville, and Santa Cruz California

I live in Reno, NV and regularly make trips to Sacramento and SF. Although I am really glad for the Folsom Supercharger, I really don't understand why they didn't put it at the Roseville Galleria. This shopping mall is once of the best in California, and would have been the obvious place, as it is only a couple of miles from I-80. The Folsom Supercharger is in Folsom on Highway 50. That is fine if you live in the Bay Area and are going to the Tahoe ski areas.
Also, The Roseville Galleria is the most obvious place to put a retail Tesla store, so having a Supercharger there would make lots of sense.

E16 - Fagernes, Norway.

From what you say, it sounds like the Roseville Galleria might benefit very much by having a supercharger. You and others who read this that go between Reno and the Bay Area might want to send them a suggestion that they install one. They already have 30 amp J1772 Level 2 charging stations so they're already familiar with the idea but becoming a stop could be very good for them.
From a business perspective, for them, a few 75 amp capable Clipper Creek CS-100's that would fill Teslas fairly quickly but would support other EVs might make more sense but feel free to negotiate.
It would be great to get businesses pulling to get superchargers installed instead of Tesla having to push them out. There's only one Tesla Motors but there are many other businesses out there.

RanjitC: The problem with that business model is that if the Tesla Supercharger capacity shortages are only temporary, you may find that investment becomes worthless in 3-6 months.

I'm pretty sure Tesla has claimed they are trying to monitor usage and are planning in the future to try to prevent the current Harris Ranch capacity problems from recurring there or elsewhere, and now that there's fairly steady vehicle production and Supercharger use, estimating capacity needs should be easier going forward.

Thanksgiving may still have capacity problems, but if so, building out a DC quick charging network that is only going to get used around Thanksgiving may not make good business sense.

And then there's the problem that right now, the only quick charging option is the Supercharger which is only available from Tesla.

The other thing to keep in mind is that since the number of compatible vehicles on the road keeps growing, if Tesla makes a mistake and overbuilds, the charging stations will probably eventually offer the right amount of capacity as the fleet grows.

I agree with @chunkyjr and @jamon - Elon needs to be the EV version of Father Padre Serra and line 101 with SuperCharger stations - next ones should be in San Luis Obisbo and Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is a ghost town for EV charging. Would be nice to get one installed there near the 101 and 154 intersection. Next SC heading north could be at Paso Robles. This would space out the chargers nicely from LA to Gilroy. If Tesla get cheap, they could just plop one down in SLO - but it's tight getting there from LA.

Still need a SC between Barstow and Vegas around the state line. Currently too long a drive and people will just get in trouble in the summer with A/C running.

South of LA, Oceanside would be a good location. To the east, need a SC closer to Riverside than not Palm Springs - there's nothing east of Palm Springs - it's a destination so folks can charge overnight there on L2.

A spot very useful for me would be Tulare/Fresno - opens up Yosemite to Teslas from LA.

North of San Francisco needs love too - I sure there will be plenty of "wine-ing" about where to put it.

Taupo, New Zealand.
This will allow most travelling up and down the North Island wth the 85kWh battery and is right next to the national grid. It is also a scenic and popular stopping point.

At the splits at both I90--I94 junctions. That would provide Super Charge access to most of the drivers in Wisconsin.

Maybe the DOT would let them use the wasted space between overpass and entry/exit lanes at certain interchanges? The real estate aspect could be a FedGov subsidy to help EV sales and get us off the oil addiction sooner.

Blythe and Yuma

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