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Where would you like to see Tesla set up Super Chargers?

I have a couple long drives I undertake and came up with a list that would be convenient for me. Somehow I think Tesla will take a wider array of people into account :)

Here is where I would like to see them (for my personal convenience of course :) )
North Bay, ON
Barrie, ON
Stratford, ON
Niagara, Falls, ON
Erie, PA
Morgantown, WV
Beckley, WV
Charlotte or Statesville, NC

I actually anticipate Tesla will concentrate their super chargers in/near their hottest U.S. markets (at least initially), but I can dream about them being in more out of the way places.

Where would they suit you best?

I am one of the few reservation holders that fall into the catergory where a service center is greater than 100 miles from me. I am located in Charleston SC and I would love to see a service center open near me as well as superchager locations UP AND DOWN I-95 from NY to Miami. Very important corridor for the East coast.

Even though there is one at Harris ranch, the 99 corridor through the central valley around Fresno would be adventageous to those who do not travel the I-5

Kingman AZ. The map of future stations makes it look like there will be a SC in Needles but not Kingman, which would be useless for the Vegas to Phoenix run. Why not put it in Kingman, which works for LA to Flagstaff and Phoenix to Vegas?

We have been warned not to take the specific map stars seriously; they were just stuck in to show overall distribution by the programmer.

Thanks @Brian H that's good to know.

TM is going to have issues with Barstow to Flagstaff on I-40 if there is only one supercharger between the two cities. There is a significant amount of elevation gain heading east and it can be quite cold and snowy. There's isn't a lot of civilization on that stretch either. In any event, Kingman is a must. We are planning on being an S and X family, with no other cars. But we drive to Phoenix from LV, and without a Kingman supercharger we may have to keep an ICE instead of buying an X.

On Route 80 & 90 from Indiana (Chicago crowd) to the NE (Boston, New York and then Philly, DC, etc.)

Enable travel from St. Louis to Chicago. At minimum Supercharger placement in Bloomington/Normal Illinois.

Enable travel from St. Louis to Denver via Kansas City.
Staggered placement along most direct route.

Enable travel from St. Louis to Smoky Mountain National Park.
Staggered placement along most direct route and within the Park.

I think that the superchargers should be installed about 70-100 miles a part on all major highways and other highways to connect different states with each other.

The Southeast . . . First choice would be the I-85 Corridor between Greensboro-Charlotte-Greenville-Atlanta. Then maybe something around Columbia, SC (I-20/I-26/I-77 intersection) or the I-95 corridor Virginia to Georgia. Need a service center in Charlotte too.

Midway between NYC and the Hamptons on 495.

In Texas, I would like to see Dallas-Austin on I-35 and Dallas-Houston on I-45.

In Colorado, I would like to see Denver-Aspen.

I would also like to see enough between Dallas and Denver to allow me to get there on my 60 kwh Model S.

San Diego! None have made it this far south yet in CA.

Detroit to Chicago off i94. Tesla has a service center in Chicago, but it is too far to get to from Detroit area without a charge stop.

I-20, between Dallas and Atlanta. Also, all along I-40/I-81, From Barstow, CA to Syracuse, NY.

ylyubarsky +1 - I agree, I think 75 miles apart is the sweet spot. I know it's expensive, etc. They need to license.

My personal vote is the Texas triangle - If we're not going to get high speed rail, high speed charging is the next best (or better) thing!

Cattledog, ylyubarsky-

75 miles apart on all major highways? The interstate system alone is 40000 miles, without counting US or state major highways. Interstates alone at 75-100 mile spacing would require 400-530 superchargers- tripling the numbers. Why do you need one every 75 miles?

Licensing- the superchargers are actually the same hardware as the charger in the car- just multiple ones ganged together. I bet they don't want to license that out. And licensing means somebody will charge you for the electricity.... and how to get the licensee to install solar so that, as promised, the supercharger network in the aggregate doesnt load the grid?

I would doubt Tesla would want to triple or quadruple the supercharger network just so we can stop at every second or third one. They cost at least $100k apiece, I have read, so an extra 300 of them is $30-40M. I'd rather they invest the money in model X or bluestar, myself...

I-40: Barstow to OKC

I traveled to the central valley of Ca around the Fresno area and there is a definite need in this corridor. Public EV stations are spotty and not readily available and do not charge at a fast rate. The major corridor along I-5 seems to work well, but there was wait time at the Harris ranch stop when another Tesla pulled up for a charge and had to wait until I got what I needed.

There are a lot of Tesla owners in the San Francisco Bay Area, but no superchargers. Gilroy is accessable for the far south Bay Area, but we need one in the East Bay and there should be one on the Peninsula. Between SF & Sacramento would make a lot of sense. How about near the 80/680 interchange?

We checked out the Gilroy Supercharger on Sunday and saw 4 other Teslas in the short time we were there.

DTsea. I showed a picture that would be almost perfect but on the other hand. Can you imagine driving with 60 Kw battery which realistically will give you 160 miles max. and you live 15-20 miles from the highway. You still have 140 miles left. Imagine you need to leave 10-20 miles just in case. So after all you have 120 miles left. Even if the station is a 100 miles away, you are very close to be in trouble. I am not even giving you an idea that in a few years quantity of Tesla or similar EV cars will be pretty big and you can get to this station and see 20-25 cars waiting in line. How about that? So my idea is not that crazy as it sounds. Otherwise we are all in trouble.

Again, superchargers are not for within urban areas. You can easily drive all around the bay area without recharging. Superchargers will always be placed between cities. You might end up with one between SF and Sacramento in the long run, but not really a priority since you can easily reach the Folsom charger in a single charge. As far as I'm concerned, the Gilroy one at 35 miles from me is too close to be of any use. On my outbound journey I can make it to the next charger without stopping, and when returning home I'm unlikely to need a boost to make it home.

Josh, why midway between NYC & the Hamptons? It's only a 90-mile or so trip...You can make it from the city to the Hamptons and back on a single charge.

Since I am getting the 40kwh battery I'd like to see charging stations every 90 miles are so, up and down I-5 in Oregon =)...and have it be free.

I think we need a couple around the Albany area...One south of Albany, and another north, along 87/NY State Througway...The route from NYC to Albany is important, as is the route further north to Montreal.


Um . . . While you're at it, you should also ask for the 40 kWh battery to support supercharging.

GDH. Hope you know that 40 kwh battery can't use sc stations.

DTsea +1

The "long-range plan" thru 2015 comprises about 200 SC stations, using 150-mile sep. A long step for 60s, but 60s are not actually meant for long-distance. 85s can get up to about 75% charge in ½hr, as intended. Jamming the system with 60s trying to squeeze in every last Watt is not on.

Near Augusta Georgia along I-20 is needed. This location is about 150miles from Atlanta GA, and will provide needed service for all traveling east/west on this side of ATL.

Chicago to Detroit is in my mind as well with one added in Lansing and Flint Michigan. Gotta' let the Motor City see what they should have. I75 to Florida is a great idea and up through Mackinaw too.I wonder if the islands that do not have cars would like EV's? Greener than the horse and carriage, I think. I'd love the LA-NYNY route too with a guarantee I can make it over the mountains and speed once in a while to enjoy that addictive acceleration, they'd have to be closer than 150, unless we can be OK with staying longer. If I had a gas station I would definitely install at least a highest power charger, even if its Chargepoint. A no brainer.

Someplace between Louisville, KY and Memphis, Tn. between Louisville KY and Atlanta, GA. and someplace between Louisville and Birmingham, AL. Nashville on I65?

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