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Whistler to Seattle in 85kW

We made it from Whistler to Seattle on a single Max Range charge, setting the cruise control to the speed limit. We drove through downtown Vancouver and went through the Peace Arch crossing in the Nexus Lane so only 2 min wait. We arrived with 21 miles left in 4hrs:20minutes. By that point the car had already gone into a state where there is a dashed orange line on the speedometer denoting the max amount of instant kW that could be mustered by the car during acceleration.

Going to Whistler was a different story. Much range anxiety due to faulty charging planning. We left with a max range of 260 and added some charge in Blaine from the street side charging unit in old town Blaine while we ate pizza at a local joint. The charge ran at 7 miles/ hr which didn't help much, then we got to the Sea-to-Sky highway where you make the bend north by Horseshoe Bay and realized that we were not going to make it to Whistler with only 156 km rated left so we stopped at the Gleneagle Ridge Community Center for free charging at 13 mile/hr. The nice thing was that the community center was holding drop-in time for all to play indoor street hockey or basketball in the gym! Perfect for pent up pre-school aged boys trapped in a car for 4 hrs. This got us to 176 km rated range for the uphill 100 km climb to Whistler. We rolled into Crystal Lodge with 12 km to spare. Cruise control on speed limit, no climate control, Slacker turned off, display set to 10% of "Night" brightness, and warning box telling us to charge or die on center screen (a little hyperbole).

Thanks for the info! Was the charger you used in Blaine the converted Tesla Roadster charger? That one has a view of the waterfront and has an honor box to put money in. That should have provided a charge rate in the 30 miles per hour range. Also do you have the twin on-board chargers with your car?

If it's only providing 7 miles per hour of charge, it's good to know. I was planning on using that charger on a trip up to Vancouver in June, so i'll have to plan accordingly if it's only doing 7mph now.

Waterfront and honor box - that's the one. No roadster conversion. Used J1772 adapter, we do not have twin chargers on board. What was strange was that the car read 11A/70A- why so low of a charge rate? You could make the run to Vancouver on a single charge, though. The only reason why we stopped in Blaine was because it was a good time for pee and eat break.

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