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will you go with standard suspension or air suspension

I would like take a poll

air suspension Or standard suspension


Air (1)

standard (0)

undecided (1)

Some feedback, reviews, performance specs etc. will likely be needed before many can make up their mind.

For me, Air all the way. It will be my 1st car with this type of suspension. The reason is the precious battery tray that rins the length of the bottom of the car. I'm not too excited about unnecessarily smacking/jarring/puncturing something that costs $20K to replace. A bit more than a typical oil pan.

If I think back to the number of times I have hit driveway ramps that exit the street at sharp angles or smacked a speed bump because I wasn't quite slow enough it was a few too many to be comfortable risking the expensive battery in this car.

I figure that the ability to raise up over things in anticipation of risk to the battery is enough to justify the upgrade for me.

Opinions will certainly vary, but low cars are very prone to undercarriage hits. I would think that given the design of this car it would be more concerning than most to hit the underside. I am sure Tesla has anticipated this with a strong bottom, but $h!+ happens.


Air. I want the really smooth ride, and think that it will be safer. It will also help me raise the car when needed (when those snowbanks come around).
I've never had a car with air suspension, so I don't know what problems come with it.

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Air all the way. Got it on my Range Rover. Even after needing repairs 9 yrs in I still love it,

Here's an idea: raising the car automatically when a potential dent / scrape situation is detected. Possibly part of adaptive cruise control system...

I'm going with air, by the way. My current car scrapes on my driveway if I go in straight.

Air for certain.. My driveway at the beach makes it mandatory, plus the ride difference makes the car that much more enjoyable.


I was concerned that I would not be happy with the 21" wheels for everyday driving, but after a test drive with the active air suspension I realized they would be fine. Now driving for about two weeks on CT's pot hole covered roads, I'm very happy with both.

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Air suspension here too. It will hep extend the range when the car is lowered at highway speeds.

Air. Heard Tesla engineers call this the one "must have" option.


I'm sensing a trend here. Where's Nate Silver when we need him?

I'll be floating on air!

Air. Wouldn't have ordered air but did so because not ordering air would have delayed my delivery. Reading about 'air vs. standard' after the fact, it appears to be a good decision.



Mine came with air... :)

Air here, too. My first car with adaptive air suspension, and except for the couple of times it's settled onto curbs after I parked nose-in (still no word from Tesla as to whether that's expected behavior) it's been a real treat.

Air (19)

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undecided (1)

Air is what I want, even though it may be a long time before I can get it.


I'm sensing a trend here. (DouglasR)

Keep in mind that all cars delivered so far are Signatures, and Signature reservation holders are very likely strongly overrepresented in these forums when compared to the general public. They get air suspension "for free" (or at least they cannot opt out), so statistics are skew and this poll may not be as representative as you may think.

I will be getting the standard suspension.

Ditto on the standard suspension.

I'm getting air on my general production S.

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