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Windshield Crack due to structural defect?

Hi everybody,

I received my TESLA model S on December the 8th, 2012 in Houston, TX. I noticed a spontaneous crack on the windshield (without any stone chips) 2 weeks ago. When I contacted the TESLA service, they said that it has apparently happened to other cars as well and it is likely due to some increased stress in the structural aluminum frame of the body which makes the windshield crack. I have yet to have the glass fixed and waiting (for the last 2 weeks)for TESLA service manager to call back to fix it. But the more important problem is that simply replacing the glass would not solve the cause of the problem. It is imperative that the structural fault needs to be addressed as well, to avoid it to be a recurring problem. I wonder if anybody else has experienced this.

Today noticed in my 2 week old MS a crack on the passenger side window - ouch!!

Okay, so my car has apparently been built, and I will probably also have to deal with a cracked windshield. Is this something that rangers can do, or will I need to take a few days from work to drive to Boston and back? ...Say nothing of the expense of a place to stay and having to get meals on the road. I am starting to get really miffed about the silence around this issue and others.

On another thread, someone was talking about snow getting caught up in the wheel well and actually pulling the metal apart, to the point that he thought that someone had hit his car. Upon closer inspection, he said that the inside construction of the wheel well was made from a material similar to felt. I live in snow country; this is so not cool.

Well, looks like I'm a lucky windshield crack person now too. This one was possibly started by a small rock (small enough that it was heard but not seen) but the impact probably shouldn't have caused any damage given its very small size. Disappointing.

@MonkeyLice - my last ICE had four stone cracked windshields the first year. Then 12 years not a single stone. And as my luck in the first week having the MS a stone out of nowhere cracked the windshield. I think it is beginners luck.

Hey nicki....ur ICE buddies at GM just few weeks ago recalled millions of cars for potential gas tank explosions.....please make sure to avoid these vehicles......thinking for ur well being buddy.....BTW just recently I saw a brand new ICE car with wind shield crack...I asked the owner what happened....she told me it got hit by a tiny pebble causing about 8 inches of crack...and she told me neither her insurance nor her warranty would cover the cost to fix it..........just to let u know buddy....nicki....

@ nickniketown, when a rock hits a windshield it tends to crack. I'm sure you have a basic grasp of how things work in the world, don't you? I've gone through two windshields already this year - one each on my Highlander and Prius. The Highlander now needs another one, thanks to all the debris on the freeways and the big rigs that populate them.

So yah, give me a break!

AmpedRealtor - NNT is a lost cause... just ignore.

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