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AC performance in front and rear

Nobody has talked about the AC performance in the front and rear passenger cabin areas. Tesla is also pretty silent about this on their website. Most of us drive with the windows shut because of the aerodynamic design of the modern car. It also provides creature comforts that are very much appreciated. In particular, does the rear passenger area have it's own AC controls. This is standard in most luxury cars.

@ AmpedRealtor: Thanks for understanding. I am sometimes surprised at the aggressively defensive attitudes I see from some Tesla owners; it takes me back to the first days of the Prius. Ever see the South Park episode titled "Smug Alert"? It's like that.

I'd guess a lot of the money from Tesla purchases goes towards things like SuperCharger stations and home delivery of your new car on a flatbed truck. And that's fine. But standard luxury features are independent of a car's motivation mechanism, and the attitude of some that they simply don't matter because, you know, the rest of the car is so cool and paradigm-breaking and planet-saving isn't much of a justification. And trying to generate your own custom metric-- i.e. some combination of features that when taken as a whole allow you to say it's the "best performing vehicle on the planet"-- seems silly. A Yugo will make it from my condo in San Jose to my home in Reno faster than a Model S, because while the latter is slurping up electrons at the Folsom SuperCharger, the Yugo is actually moving. So by that more realistic metric, the Yugo has better performance because it gets me there sooner.

If I seem a little prickly, I apologize: all I said originally was "some cars that cost less than $120K have rear seat climate controls", and it seems this is a bad thing to say here. I am really looking forward to driving a Tesla next week and possibly adding one to my stable.

I think driving a Tesla is a lot like owning an Apple device. You pay a premium for a cutting edge, premium product. You are also paying for Tesla (like Apple) to make certain choices for you in order to provide a more satisfying experience. Apple never added a 2nd mouse button even though other computers had two or three because Steve Jobs believed in the simplicity of a single button. That philosophy has persisted across product lines all the way to iPhone and iPad. We know that Musk's design sensibility is minimalist in nature. He is an engineer and architect of products at heart, and he lives in every single detail and decision much like Jobs.

We all take iPhones and their functionality for granted, but does anyone remember that it took Apple almost 2 years to implement a basic, simple feature like cut-and-paste? I guess that was their version of the cup holder.

"Standard luxury features" are not what you are buying. Some TM has designed around. Some are not there, sacrificed (so far) for producing a superior, safer car.


@ Dramsey,

Lack of rear temp controls could be due to something as serious as added weight for a complex, zone-based climate control system or a 2nd compressor, or it could be due to something pretty mundane such as Tesla hasn't quite figured out how to implement touch controls for rear passengers in a satisfying and seamless way. Tesla is like Apple in this regard - it's their way or the highway (ha pun), they'll put it in when it's ready.

Well, my wife and I are both former Apple programmers, so the comparison works for me!

Right now, my wife drives a Volkswagen R32, and I have a 2006 Mitsubishi Evo 9 MR, a 2007 Saleen Mustang (supercharged, 500hp), and the aforementioned Audi A6. I am looking for something unlike any of these, and the Model S appeals to the geek in me.


I hope Tesla has thought of allowing 3rd party apps, what a great "accessory" market that would make! The possibilities are endless…

I am waiting for a thread started by AmpedRealtor and all responses all from AmpedRealtor. Looks like the direction this is heading...

When I have previously expressed my concerns about the lack of certain creature comforts, I was comparing them to to my 'luxury' Honda Civic CNG (~$25K) - Compressed Natural Gas (car pool lane privileged); i.e. B column seat belt height adjustment channel & 4 grab handles - one for each door - can you even imagine such 'luxury?'

I have no greater love for T. Boone Pickens (Mr. Natural Gas) than I have for Royal Dutch Shell, etc. & have happily transitioned to solar electric panel powered Tesla S transportation.

I would not give the company back my car for anything. The driving experience is incomparable.

FWIW, added a Reus stereo, ceramic heat resisting tinting, Wet Okole waterproof neoprene front seats (to combat my dog's drool) & paid the $12 for the fronk cargo net.

In addition to a $10K Tesla stock purchase, I also coughed up the $1900 for the basic 4 year service plan to monetize the service center. Clearly the company needs all the help we owners can provide to assure its viability. If Big Oil & Big Auto get their way, the company will not exist by 2018.

Will finally pass my first 1,000 miles this week & MAY have actually figured out a seat position that does not threaten my neck in the event of a front end collision. Hallelujah!

A hundred bucks says you will not buy the A6 after test driving a Tesla. Make sure you floor it at every stop and take the sharp turns. Oh one more thing, get someone to take your picture while you do that and post those pictures. I want to see that Tesla grin ;)

Admittedly, the Tesla has some short comings. There are many things that can be improved. The A/C is one of them. Everything isn't perfect. I'm not sure if there is such a car. I will say that the positives outweigh the negatives to the point it seems like petty nit picking.

Ask any Model S owner what they would trade for? Surely it wouldn't be an A6. For me, If it was an Audi give me nothing less than the R8. Second thought, nah I wouldn't take that either. LOL

Even Apple finally learned from mistakes and supports right clicks for years and their 'one' button mouse registers right left middleclick scrolling and what not.

Tesla did many things right and that include all most important things like handling, performance, design... But there are a lot that are not, and AC seems to be one of them. So yelling at people who complain about something that is not well done and telling them 'this car is not for you buy something else' is just another form of trolling.

FWIW - in my C320 I had to turn the A/C setting to "Lo" if I wanted it to kick into its "highest gear" of air conditioning.

And it wasn't one-touch, either.

@ jjaeger, sorry to disappoint you. What's that old saying… big minds discuss ideas, small minds discuss people? Yah, something like that. :P

@NICE-- I bought the A6 months ago, and regardless of how wonderful I find the Tesla to be, I won't be getting rid of it, simply because it's my highway trip car, and it will be years before the Tesla is practical for that along most routes.

Frankly I don't think it ever will be practical (at least for me) for long highway trips. Even if there were open Supercharger stalls every 150 miles, right off the highway, of the route I was taking, that's still a 30-60 minute stop every 2-2.5 hours of driving. That adds a LOT to trip time.

Check back in after you get your Tesla. I was of the same thought. I'll keep our X5 BMW for those long trips, so I thought.
My new strategy is replace it with the Model X in a few years. For the 2% of the time that we do long road trips, we'll either use the Tesla battery swap option or just rent a car. Do the math and you'll see that it's actually more economical to do so.

ralsagoff said "However there is one feature that does need to be addressed because it is no longer a creature comfort but a necessity for those of us who live in the metropolitan cities: parking sensors and blind spot sensors."

As a far as the blind spot sensors go, the sales rep I talked to told me that the hardware was already in the cars. It was just a matter of finishing the software. I don't know if he knew what he was talking about or not, but that is what he claimed.

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