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Aftermarket Wheels

Does anyone know what pattern the wheels are? Also the offset sizes?

If I wanted to order - lets say - a set of HREs for the summer - what fitment would I use?


Go to and search for wheels for 2012 Tesla Model S. You can see all the specs you are asking about. I know the offset is 40mm , but 35mm will also work. Don't recall the bolt pattern, but easy to see on TireRack. They do very good fitment research.

Here is some more information:

The Model S lug pattern is 5x120 with a 40mm offset & 65mm center bore

21" Wheels (21x8.5") - 245/35/21 Revs/mi 750

19" Wheels (19x8.5") - 245/45/19 Revs/mi 755

-- Tire Rack recommended 20" sizes:

20" Wheels (20x8.5") - 255/40/20 Example tire: Michelin Pilot® Sport A/S Plus part #27285 255/40R20/XL 101 V

Anyone know what the weight of the factory 21" are?

I think someone measured 35lbs. Give or take.

@Alex K | JANUARY 25, 2013: 19" Wheels (19x8.5") - 245/45/19 Revs/mi 755

According to the Tesla website ( the winter wheel set comes with 19X8.0J wheels. So the above 19x8.5" is wrong. I had compiled the various wheels sizes from TeslaMotorClub forum members that had replaced their Tesla wheels with aftermarket wheels. Sorry about the error.

when will they make 19" wheels that look like the 21" wheels?

Check out the thread 19" Turbine Wheel Solution at Tesla Motors Club where someone bought aftermarket 19" Turbine wheels.

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