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Any Dallas meetups in the future?

Hi all,

I will be taking delivery of my P85 Red this monday the 29th at the service center and cannot wait to be in the driver's seat to have a fun with it! I have already had several requests for me to stop by their place of work so they can see the beauty (One being my state farm agent who didn't even know what it was and the other an employee from a Sewell dealership).

Is there a Dallas Tesla club or any meetups coming up anytime soon? Would love to meet other Tesla owners on the weekends.


Congrats @TheCheetahExpress!

Local Tesla owners often schedule events like cars & coffee/monthly meetup via:

Would be great to see you someday!

Thanks cindys_tesla!

Hope to meet you soon as well, I will introduce myself over on those forums. Thanks for the links!

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