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Any HPWC in Greenville, SC?

I am traveling soon and will need a charge near Greenville, SC. I know there are about a dozen public Level 2 stations, but I was hoping a new MS owner might give me 2 hrs on their HPWC....anyone? I would return the favor if you come thru Raleigh.




If you don't get a response, there are two RV parks in Greenville with 50 amp.

I know you can charge at the Westin Poinsett Hotel on Main which is near great restaurants and shopping. Don't know how fast though...

This summer I will be driving from Atlanta to Hickory, NC, which means I have to either drive really slow or get some charging along the way. I was looking at charging near Greenville, so I would be interested in this as well (though I only need an hour or so).

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