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Blue tooth/phone

You can answer a call by clicking answer on the touch screen, but after you answer it, you can end the call without switching to the phone screen. It would be nice if the answer screen had an end button and stayed on during the phone call.

+1 I noticed this the day after receiving my car (June 11th). The user guide that came with the car and the one I downloaded says it should work by scrolling during a phone call but that is not the case. Did it changed with newer software? I hope it changes back.

On the dashboard screen, use the right thumb wheel (hold down wheel for 5 seconds and select phone. Bottom button can be used to access phone recent calls and contacts, too. And you can scroll through various options without using the touchscreen, eg to end the call, view recent calls, or contacts, and dial. Experiment with the buttons and you will quickly see how it works. On the other hand, if you open the phone settings (Bluetooth) on the touch screen it will remain on during your call.


I have gotten all that to work well from the right scroll wheel. The only function that I can't make work is to end/hang-up after a call is ended. For that, I have to go back to the touch screen. It appears that the "end call" option is missing once a call is initiated from the scroll wheel.

I thought the same thing. Try pressing the top button on the right, when you are ready to end the call, calls up a list of options, the first being "end call."

THANKS! I just tried it out. I really appreciate the help.

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