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Body Repair

Anyone have experience with body damage yet? whom did you use for the rapair? I got clipped at the airport this week!

Sorry to hear it! There are only a few shops certified to work with aluminum. TM sent me to Queen City Auto Rebuild in Redmond. Expensive, but it's like it never happened.

BTW, Laryrob: are you still interested in the Roadster-to-S adapter that will be installed in Centralia. If so, please send a PM to "v12 to 12v" on Tesla Motors Club. If you can't do that, shoot me an email at doug at rosenbergseattle dot com.

thx doug. TM suggested Bel Red Auto Body and someone else suggested Pacific Auto Body which handles a lot of BMW and Mercedes body work.
Should we wait and see what's going to happen w/the TM Supercharger network in WA? I understand they are planning a roll out early this summer.

Queen City did work on mine and they had, by far, the lowest estimate. Estimates ranged from $2500 to $305. They did a great job on my Model S just as they did a great job on my Jaguar many years ago. They are well versed in aluminum too.

Bel-Red gave me an estimate that was out of whack (high) because they sent someone out to take photos instead of sending out an estimator to look at the damage.

@Doug Thanks for bringing up the adapter. We should have it in service sometime this coming week.

I had a Volvo repaired by Queen City in the 70s. Did a great job. If they are still in business they must be doing something right.

My 36 hour old s was hit by a school bus (decided to turn right from the left lane, I was in left lane. ) in Seattle on the sent me to Queen City auto rebuild in Redmond as well...still devasted, no word back on time frame or extent of damage...

Correction* I was in right lane, bus was in left lane, bus took right turn into me...

Queen City just fixed our Lexus. They did a great job and I think they may have detailed it also. Not sure about that but when I washed it this morning the water sure beaded up nicely.

Just talked to Queen City, they have another tesla in with identical damage to the passenger side. Around 18-25k to repair and 2-3months repair time ....not to mention the countless hours I've already spent on the phone with police and the other guys insurance company...

Just wrecked my 2 month old P85+. Frunk
And both front quarter panels dented. Airbags
deployed. Is it really going to take 2-3 months
for them to repair??! I don't think I can handle
driving the Dodge Avenger from insurance
for 3 months. Does it take that long for parts?
---Devastated in Dallas

I hit a deer and needed a new left front fender and windshield. The body shop had it with-in a week. The windshield was about a week out as well. It is nice to know that you are dealing with American made. Doing the pearl white paint added 10 days after it was put back together.

You can take the parts list that the shop prepares for the insurance and have your service center check on availability. Then you'll know if the body shop is feeding you BS when they give you their schedule.

My new Model S was hit by a Seattle City Light power utility truck and Tesla told me to go to Bel-Red Auto Rebuild. They were very knowledgeable and I saw another Model S on the property. My car ended up getting totaled so they didn't perform any work but they sure seemed to know what they were doing and are certified by Tesla.

Totaled?!? I hope no one was in it!

Glad to hear there's another choice for body work.


@jay - I had much better luck at Queen City.

@jay Totaled? As in you need a new Model S? Sucks!

The Seattle service center is recomending Pacific Auto Body . They did a great job on my car and were 1/2 of the other quotes.

Bellevue Collision Care Auto Rebuild - ask for Tripp
Pacific Auto Body - Ask for Jerry

Both are highly qualified and certified by the leading

Great folks too

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