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Buy My 2013 Tesla Model S P85+... Fully Loaded, Cheaper Than Buying New

I just took delivery on my Model S on July 29th, 2013, so 8 days ago.
At the time of this post, it only has 175 miles on it, with 50 of those
miles being delivery miles.

This same exact car with the new pricing is $124,170 BEFORE the $7,500
tax credit, bringing the true cost of this car, brand new right now, to
$116,670 if you include the tax credit.

I will sell this car to you for a little less than what I paid for it,
which was $115,012 - you can have the car for $114,500, since 1 of the
rims has a small scuff about 1 inch long on the outer edge from a curb.
You would have to be inspecting the rims very closely to see it, but hey,
there's a pretty big discount for it anyway.

So, while you will not get the tax credit, you'll STILL save over $2,000
buying my car, rather than buying the same exact car with the same exact
options brand new. Plus, you'll get the car TODAY, rather than waiting
for 6 weeks.

So, on to the options...

Asking Price: $114,500.00
2013 Tesla Model S P85+
Solid White Paint
Tan Leather
Performance Seats
Obeche Matte Wood
All Glass Panoramic Roof
Gray 21" Turbine Wheels
Carbon Fiber Spoiler
Twin 10kw Onboard Chargers
High Powered Wall Connector
Tech Package
Smart Air Suspension
Premium Sound System
Extended Nappa Leather Trim
Alcantara Headliner

Also comes with all the standard charging adapters that come with
the car. All original manuals, window sticker, etc.

Sounds nice. How's the air conditioner work?

Why are you selling??

Buyer's remorse or are you getting another Model S?

@TommyBoy - Haha, you're referring to my other post about the AC issues? I'm chalking that up to user error as I was driving and fiddling with the AC. I took it into service and they found no issues at all, and since then the AC works amazingly. I took the advice of others and left it on full auto, seems to be awesome now.

I do have a bit of buyer's remorse, but I usually do with such large purchases, especially purchasing in cash as I did with my Model S. But the main thing is the constant price increases and the sour taste in my mouth the parking sensor situation has left in my mouth. Parking sensors are a big deal to me, but I can't bring myself to pay $3500 - $4500 for them to retrofit them on the Tesla.

I still haven't been able to sell my Bentley yet (no surprise there, really, I guess, only been for sales for 2 weeks), so I'm just going to back to driving that. I'll miss the tech stuff in the Model S, as it's far superior to the Bentley, but I'm a bit wary of Tesla as a company for now.

Nothing wrong at all with the car, though, other than that wheel scuff on the front driver side wheel. Car runs great and is incredibly fast.

I wish you the best of luck, but you may want to be careful how you list your options. By saying your vehicle has "Extended Nappa Leather Trim" you are claiming that all four door armrests and dash are leather. Are you 100% sure the same items in your vehicle are leather? This option was not explicitly available when you purchased your vehicle, and there is only a vague reference of "extensive use of leather throughout" under the vehicle specifications from that time.

I'm just saying you should be 100% sure about what you are advertising.

Good point, Amped. Also should be careful about the carbon fiber spoiler. If you are tacking on $1500 to your price total the buyer should know it's the prior, free spoiler and not the redesigned matte one. Same with the Premium Sound system - if you're adding $2500 it should be apples to apples and not the *possibly* new one.

I didn't know you fixed your AC problem. I probably didn't follow that thread to it's fruition and see that you got it all resolved.

Yes, I believe that option was included before, bundled in another package. I basically ordered a fully loaded P85+. The only things I didn't order were the rear facing seats and the parcel shelf, I believe.

The door armrests on my car do look and feel like leather. Am I mistaken somehow and the extended nappa leather option didnt exist AT ALL in the car previously? My dash and the door armrests looks exactly like the new pictures show. The armrests feel exactly the same as the Performance leather seats.

Thanks for sharing a bit about your situation. Out of curiosity, what city are you in?

I also talked to some people that recently got the car and had a bad taste in their mouth with the whole parking sensor thingy. I wasn't happy paying about $5,000 more to "reconfigure" my car and get Parking sensors but I figured I'd be bitter about things and might have a bit of remorse if I didn't pay for it and get it.

I'm really sorry to hear you have some remorse and I hope you can sell it. Good luck.

Ah, I didn't see the spoiler had changed. What should the price of the old spoiler be, since buying the car new now either has a spoiler, or it doesn't. Mine has a carbon fiber spoiler, just a very tiny bit different. Since the only comparisons are 1) No spoiler at all... and 2) Very slightly changed spoiler... versus the spoiler on my car, I can't compare my car that has a spoiler to a car that doesn't. Surely the spoiler is worth some $ amount. Despite what you say, nothing is "free", it was simply built into the price of the car at the time of my purchase, 7 weeks ago.

As for the premium sound system, it is exactly the same. There are numerous posts on this forum from multiple people who have now spoken to Tesla representatives that have told them the sound system is exactly the same, nothing has changed except the price.

@earlyretirement I'm in Houston, Texas. Parking sensors were not an option until after my car was delivered, which was only 8 days ago. I didn't have the option to reconfigure my car to have them.

Wow, very sorry to hear about your situation.

You may just be the first person to put his money where his mouth is about this whole parking sensor situation and vote with your wallet.

I hope it sells quickly and all parties are satisfied/relieved.

@ shamrockceo,

Yes, I realize that you didn't have that option. Which sucks. That's why although I was NOT happy paying $5,000 more from one day to the next, I decided life could be worse. I could be in your unfortunate situation having just taken delivery or about to and not being given the chance to decide.

I'm still not happy about paying that much more but ultimately I was given the chance to add it. I'm planning on keeping this car several years and I definitely wouldn't want to go potentially 5 or 6 years without Park Control.

Other things I could live with if technology gets better like Active Cruise Control, Lane assist, better battery with more range. But I'm in the camp that considers things like Park Assist to be so basic that ANY luxury car should have.

And I knew I'd regret it if I didn't pay to get it. So I really appreciate you sharing your story with us. I can totally understand your feeling and really sorry you are going through this.

@ shamrockceo - I was told that all recently shipped and currently shipping vehicles w/ spoilers are receiving the new, redesigned spoiler that is now advertised as a $1,500 option. There are only two types of spoilers shipped with Model S - the initial run of spoilers were glossy and curvier, the new spoiler is matte CF and slightly boxier on the sides. I cannot confirm any of this for myself, I am just relaying what I've heard from two different Sr. Delivery Specialists who speak to Jerome on a daily basis.

I have an order in production and subject to the older, lower pricing. I explicitly asked my Sr DS if the spoiler that is shipping with my P85 was the new style that costs $1,500 and she said yes, it is identical and that this new spoiler has been shipping to existing orders. You may recall that some Model S left the factory without attached spoilers, but those came later in the mail. Those vehicles fell between spoiler redesigns, which was the reason for the lack of parts inventory. My DS reminded me that I had opted not to include the CF spoiler in my order (it was a no cost option, either on or off), but she received Jerome's approval to add it back into the order without penalty. She repeated again that I would receive the new spoiler because the old design has not been in production for a while.

Oh alright, then my car has the new spoiler. I took delivery only 8 days ago and my car came with the spoiler already attached, so it's very probably the new spoiler then.

@ Amped,

Just out of curiosity, it sounds like you didn't like the looks of the spoiler before and didn't order it.

And you only ordered it now because it was $1,500. Do you plan to put it on your car or just sell it?

Inquiring minds want to know....

I checked E-bay autos yesterday and there are NO Tesla Model S offered for sale. Was wondering if there is a robust secondary market developing as the lead time is long for many and now with the price increase, it appears an arb opportunity is developing. I have August 29th delivery date on p85+ and wonder if there would be any bids out there?

@ earlyretirement,

I originally opted out of the spoiler because I felt that it looked like an afterthought on a red vehicle. Maybe if I had chosen black I would not have felt that way. I also felt that a CF spoiler looks a bit out of place when no other exterior bits are CF. The CF spoiler seems to be an orphaned part of a larger CF package that was offered in the beginning and consisting of CF along the bottom sides and rear of the vehicle. Those CF areas were later removed by Tesla, and without notice to customers, because according to one of Blankenship's blog posts the CF chipped and scratched too much. I think this was one of the first unilateral feature omissions that ticked off Model S owners early on.

And yes, you are quite correct. When I found out the same spoiler that I elected not to include with my order (which would not have cost me a dime extra) now costs $1,500, I asked the Sr. Delivery Specialist to put it back into my order due to the increased part value. I put dollars over aesthetics because I wanted to get something for "nothing". At the end of the call, the Sr. DS said that there is still a shortage of CF spoilers and that my spoiler will probably arrive in the mail shortly after I receive the vehicle. That's okay with me because if that happens, I will gladly sell the CF spoiler and pocket the money. I didn't want it on the car anyway, but was blinded a little bit by the perception that it would add $1,500 to my vehicle value without spending any additional money.

This car has me acting crazier than usual...

Nah....for 100K purchases I'd rather have exactly what I want, brand spanking new and wouldn't really care about saving $5K and not waiting four weeks.

If it's a 25K Toyota Corolla for $21K well then, maybe.

@shamrock - if you're really sure you don't want the car because of the sour taste in your mouth from the parking sensor issue, then I applaud you for voting with your wallet. It's important for TM to see the negative effect their communication can have on customers.

HOWEVER - you might want to take a little more time and drive a few more miles before you make this decision. You may start feeling better about your purchase as you spend more time enjoying it. You may find that parking sensors aren't as important as they seem right now (or maybe there will be a cheaper retrofit option than you're expecting). Even your anger and disappointment in their communication and pricing schemes may subside as you come to realize the simplicity of the design and the nuances that make this car so revolutionary.

If nothing else, take out your frustrations on the car (especially on the accelerator pedal) for an hour or so - then re-evaluate how you're feeling :)

Either way I wish you the best of luck.

Wary of Tesla as a company you say... Are you also selling your stock? Just curious.

@TommyBoy Agreed. Unless if it's $20K saving but then again I really don't like solid white that much.

I think the "need" for parking sensors is overestimated in some cases. I suspect the desire for parking sensors is driven by a few things: 1) other vehicles in this price class have them, 2) they represent a technological cool factor to some people, 3) people really need them, or 4) some or all of the above. In my case, I don't remember the last time I needed to parallel park. Most parking issues have to do with judging rear distance, and for that we have a beautiful HD backup camera. I've never had any difficulty judging the distance from my front end. I am simply speaking for myself, as always.

If I lived in San Francisco or a metro location where parallel parking is a real bitch, then I probably would have switched over my order because that would be a need rather than a want. If I lived in those areas, though, I probably also wouldn't be looking at a Model S and would be more interested in a Leaf for its ability to fit into tight places. Living in Phoenix, however, it's ridiculous how much parking we have even in the city. Even we parallel parking out here, there is usually plenty of space to go around.

I'm on board with adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist - those are both critical and important safety features which I would spend money retrofitting. But not parking sensors.

AmpedRealtor +1.

I drove for 35 years without 'needing' parking sensors. My wifes car has them and I hate the incessant BEEP BEEP and override of displays, nav, music... It is amazing to me that people would not want a Model S over that.

I parallel park in Seattle all the time. The rear camera is all I seem to need.

I dont like lane assist either... beeps every time you go past an onramp.

Adaptive cruise control... nice but if traffic is that heavy you should be driving manually with cruise off IMO.

@mrspaghetti - I'm wary of Tesla as a company as a Customer, not a Stockholder. Plus, I didn't buy stock, so... And if I would have bought stock back in February when it was around $30, you bet I'd be selling. Tesla's bull run is passed its prime, you will not see the stock shoot up MUCH further, like we saw earlier this year. This stock is not going into the "thousands" as many think (hope) around here. The stock already doesn't match the company's earnings - not even close. But that's an entirely different conversation. I believe the company will succeed, even with all its ridiculous pricing schemes and everything. Nobody does electric better, yet. There's still a wide big world of ICE cars available, and since the environmental aspect of Tesla isn't a deciding factor for me at all, I'm not scared of going back.

@AmpedRealtor - The same could be said for the "need" for adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist. Pay attention and don't run into the car in front of you, and pay attention and don't drive your car into the lanes next to you unknowingly. Not that hard. So, you DESIRE those features more than parking sensors. Others don't share your same desire, myself included. No big deal.

I'm just going to list the car for sale via other outlets, just wanted to do it here first, thinking someone who may be ordering the same exact configuration may be interested. It seems not so far, though, so off I go. Thanks for the replies so far, even if only for idle discussion.

Parking sensors are huge to my wife. Has them in her car and saves her 20 times a day. With the Tesla they're even more important because parking in our garage every day becomes a piece of cake and we don't need the tennis ball on a string or mats or wedges.

She's nailed my 10-year old car three times so far, the last hitting a two foot pole right behind her that she never saw. My car doesn't have sensors.

I also think they add a lot to resale value. Model S's will probably be designated as pre-parking sensor, pre-lane control, pre-active cruise control, etc.

I can park fine without them. Well, at least I think I can. My wife can't. And I know it!

Hi shamrockceo,

This link shows an outfit that will install parking sensors on your Model S. You can bypass the ad at the start of the utube movies. The finished product looks very good.

PS I'm planning to order a Model S on Jan 1, 2014 with a requested delivery date of Feb 20, 2014. My iPhone count down timer says 147 days - money from a CD comes 2/20/14

I believe the original spoiler was just cosmetic, and the new redesigned one applies downforce.

@ Amped - Got it. Thanks. That's what I figured. I've spoken to a few people with your same chain of thought. They actually are hoping that they get them in the mail as they do NOT want them on the car but they plan to sell them.

I agree with your initial assessment of the spoiler. I just don't think they look good on the Tesla. JMHO, but I think it takes away from the clean lines and tries to make it look like something it's not.

I don't think it matters what people say about the "I've never had the parking sensors, yadda yadda yadda". If you've never had them then you won't miss them I guess. If you have them and use them and parallel park in tight spaces all the time then you will appreciate them. As well, anyone that is married to a female, probably will appreciate their wives having it. LOL. I know my wife uses it all the time.

I think this post is excellent at seeing the mindset of someone in this situation.

@Donato - Yeah, could do aftermarket, but they wouldn't be integrated with the car's displays, so I wouldn't be happy with that. I'm just very picky it seems, haha.

@Brian H - Oh, I see, good know. Glad mine came with the new redesigned spoiler by default.

I'm confused. You got an amazing car, exactly as you ordered it. Barely used it. And now are looking to sell it after 8 days, for a loss, because you are disappointed that the company offered a new feature after your car was already delivered and it you think that new feature that did not exist when you took delivery is now too expensive.

So by extension, no car that you ever buy can ever have anything new introduced in some subsequent release/model year or you will vote with your wallet and sell it.

It sounds like you should be prepared to lose a lot of money selling new cars at a loss for the rest of your life.

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