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Can I charge one Model S from another Model S

Scenario: One model S looses charge on the road. The other one pulls right next to it and transfers charge. 15 mins later you can make to to the next charging station.

I guess its not currently possible as I have not seen any 'jumper' cables for Model S.

Is this something in the works?

Great idea, but it would probably take some modification and an extra circuit to make that possible.


Personally I think it is a great idea. Can't see any big technical problems to it being implemented some day. Then help will never be farther away than the nearest fellow Tesla owner.

Yeah but 15 minutes? That's some nice charging and discharging equipment that would have to be built into the cars for a scenario that never really happens.

I haven't revisited this but i thought i saw somewhere that AAA had charging assistance trucks that you could call.

On trial, in one location. Forget where.

Great idea - if car had a DC output (maybe using special "jumper cable" that had charge port connector at both ends) it would act essentially like a supercharger (400V DC supply). Basically, we know the battery can put out even more than the superchargers (because the HP/kW spec of the car is greater than the 90kW of the supercharger)...just need to control the output. Very cool.

That would be Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, LA, Knoxville and Orlando as of last October...

Hope you don't have to go far though as it's only meant to give you about 15 miles. It is DC fast charging though.


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