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can't make up my mind

tomorrow last day to confirm the order... too many complains around the quality of car, customer service, etc...

Wait for a while or hit the button.... not sure!

When will be the newer (2014) model out? Hoping that would be much more refined and complaint free. Anyone?

As far as I know, Tesla doesn't wait for a model year to make improvements. When they have something new they just add it to the car.

And the longer you wait, the more fun you'll miss out on.

Confirm, confirm, confirm.

There will never be a complaint free car ever. Other car manufacturers simply won't host an unmoderated forum if any forum exists at all. If you are waiting for a complaint free car, Tesla or not, you might as well never buy any car. I had a list of complaints about my Saturn that never ended.

Now if there is a specific item that is concerning maybe you should look at the majority of Model S owners that do not have the issue and wonder if complaint is just a small percentage of owners.

Tesla doesn't do "year models" per say. They make improvements to the car whenever needed. They have already added stuff to the tech package and removed other stuff. If you are thinking of waiting until 2014 because they are going to start over with a fresh improved car then that will not happen. Altho you could wait for the Model X but I am sure someone will complain the cup holder is in the wrong place.

If there a specific complaint that has you concerned?

the tech upgrades are definitely more noticable but anyone notice any difference in quality build? maybe the concerns about quality (fabric wearing out etc etc) has been quietly improved? i guess we wouldn't really know unless someone with an older tesla was able to drive a newer one.

Just do it, dude.

I waited 3 months and made an excuse per day why it was the wrond decision.

Tesla could go under.

I could need more range.

It's irresponsible to own a car that expensive.

I'll get a ticket.

My wife will get a ticket.

What about repairs?

What about the battery life?

Ad nauseum.

But one night my wife told me to stop being a baby and get it. She said I'll be retired in 20 years and a tired old man and will have missed the chance of a lifetime to drive the first mass-produced all-electric luxury four-door vehicle in history.

I've had it 6 weeks now and it's been the most fun of my life. I drive everywhere. Anywhere. All the time. Just for the heck of it. I shop in the next town over. I drive to the ocean a few times a week. We have breakfast on the beach. I run the errands. I am obsessed with the App. It's like riding on the California Screaming roller coaster at every stoplight. I play any song my poor brain can think of at any time. I open the sunroof every time I drive. I've washed the car, by hand, 5 times since we've had it. That's more than I washed my other cars in 10 years.

By far the best decision I have made in quite some time.

Hit the button. Purchase it. Drive it and live life. Come back and tell me I ruined your life if I was wrong. ;)

If you don't cancel your order, you will automatically confirm.

Have yet to have a problem that was not easily and quickly corrected.

Originally ordered an S85 ( March delivery ) because the delivery was quicker at the moment I ordered. My brother waited and ordered a P85, after I hammered his a few times I was hooked. Lucky for me my wife took over the S so I could justify a P85+. It delivers Nov 16th. I have two performance X's reserved and will likely trade in the S's at some point.

Does all that sound like an unhappy customer. You only live once. I have some older restored cars and have owned a wide range of cars. Even my Dodge Viper SRT 10 was not as much all around fun as the Tesla. There is just something about smokeless WARP speed that warms the soul.

Go for it.

I think part of what you see posted here are people that may be very sensitive to little things because this was the most money they have ever spent on a car. That's a fair situation and may cause little issues to get a lot of attention. As a first year production car from a new company I have been pleasantly surprised how much they got right.

I'm like you and I've decided to cancel my order back in May, 2013.
One of the issues that bothered me seriously was the "vampire discharge" draining your Tesla S from full to empty in 2-3 weeks if not charged. This issue has been resolved allegedly.

Other issues are

- stiff ride
- cramped back seats
- lack of luxury/convenience features in a car that is priced in the luxury segment price range.
- lack of of the ability to drive with the traffic on its own and to park itself - a feature that is common in comparably priced Lexus, Mercedes, BMW

I drive poor's man Tesla - that's Chevy Volt for city commute and Mercedes $550 for long range.

I can afford Tesla S, however I do not see how it will differ from the Volt as far as ride comfort and convenience goes. Tesla has more power and longer range but still hard to adjust the expense.

I praise the EV revolution and all enthusiasts in this forum here who help it happen and release us from the oil slavery. I hope that I will join sooner or later. Got to get my 30 kW solar on the roof busy too.

David - I've had my Model S for 10 months and 9K miles. I've also owned a Jag, 2 Cadillacs, a BMW, etc. The Tesla is, BY FAR, the best car I've ever owned. The performance and reliability have been fantastic. I'll be ordering a Model X . . . and the odds are very high that I'll never buy a gas car again.

Complaints go up with sales. If you're spooked, wait and schedule (another) test drive. If you haven't had a test drive yet, I think we've found the problem :P

davidavid-Dont order.... realize youve already made up your mind. "too many complains around the quality of car, customer service, etc..." Keep researching and buy the car that has no complaints "around the quality of car, customer service, etc... Happy Shopping...

When you find that perfect car with zero complaints, let us know. Until then just go with it.

Remember, Tesla has sold tens of thousands of vehicles and yet, only a few complaints show up here. Also, remember, many more people will complain than will take the time to say how happy they are. No car is perfect.

Remember what Lee Iacocca said in the 80s? "If you can find a better made car... Buy it!" Well...

I am so glad I cancelled last year and waited. The new cars are better but I am still on the fence on if I should bite the bullet before the tax year or wait until next year when the cars will come with more options and hopefully be better built.

Better wait for that newer cell phone, too. And next year's tablet. And computer. And TV. And...

You can't upgrade when you're dead.

And as you wait for the new options that may come out next year I took my car this afternoon all the way up the coast to Seal Beach to have lunch with my wife. We ate downtown and then walked to the pier and were laughing and felt very young again. When we returned to our car there were two couples looking in both front windows so we spent 15 minutes going over the car with them. They were thrilled and excited and so were we. We then headed back to our home after completing yet another journey that we never would have attempted without the Model S. You can't buy happiness.

But you can buy a Model S.

If you are waiting for the perfect car , do not hit the confirm button, keep on waiting!

Ok I can agree with risquare on the rear seat lack of headroom

From Wikipedia -
The Tesla Model S has won numerous awards and recognition such as the 2013 World Green Car of the Year, 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year, Automobile Magazine's 2013 Car of the Year, Time Magazine Best 25 Inventions of the Year 2012 award, Consumer Reports' top-scoring car ever, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA top ranked 5 star safety rating.

The model S is quicker than sports cars like the Porsche 911, more efficient than efficient cars like the Prius, holds as many people as the people haulers (minivans and SUVs), holds as much stuff as the stuff haulers (wagons and SUVs), has 3 times the range as the electric cars, has the supercharger network being built out (free fuel), has the ability to run off the suns energy from your roof top solar, is full every morning. No gas, no oil, no emissions, no timing belts, no tune ups, what exactly are you indecisive about? I have only one issue with it. I don't have the money! Not really a Model S problem though.

Bottom line it's as good as the cars that are the best at what they do, it's as good as all of them put together! Therefore it's the best one!

You're not understanding what the OP is saying. If he waits until next year there may be longer sun visors.

Good point! davidavid you'd better wait!

Succint summary! I would only add that the emotional response the car elicits is unusual in automotive history! Which other car converts drivers of Subaru, Toyota, Mercedes, and Porsche 911?

Are you waiting for a customer service that won't punch you?

OP: It is a tough decision as it the most money many people have spent on a vehicle.

A couple of your concerns: Vampire drain gone with new 5.0 (and above) software.

2004 model: TM is constantly adding both software upgrades and pricing in new hardware upgrades. The longer you wait, the mosre expensive the car.

Elon has stated that they plan on making cosmetic changes every 3 years. So it will be at least 2015 before you see any 'skin' changes.

good luck with your decision.

FYI. I test drove the car. Immediately put in an order/down payment and bought as much stock as I could.

Buy the latest issue of Consumer Reports.
Life is too short to wait. Too much joy to be had.

I should add that whatever problems there are, Tesla fixes them with a smile. They want all their customers to be happy.

Davidavid: I was in the same boat as you, my confirmation window went to Wed Oct 30. I also wondered if this is the right time. But I realized that I already knew this is the right car to get for lots of reasons and that life is short and precious, you need to make the most of every day.

If there are any issues with the car, Tesla has shown they quickly make it right.

So yesterday I pressed the big red (scary) Finalize button, and now I'm so relieved, excited and joyous to be on a path to getting my Model S this year. I'm sure I would have been sad and still second guessing myself if I had canceled.

Do it, be glad, enjoy life. It's far too short to let worry get in your way.

Not sure I understand the question. I took delivery a year ago (VIN #0477) and reliability, performance, customer service, overall experience are by far the best of any car I've owned. Confirm and enjoy; you will never look back.

Pretty funny when someone compares the Volt to a Tesla. The Volt is the definition of mediocrity, a marginal gas car and a marginal battery car. Talk about combining ICE and EV in a way that makes the word synergy cry out in pain. You get all the maintenance and smoke of an ICE with a pitiful battery range.

The only difference between the Volt and the Fisker Karma is about 50 billion of government funding.

Pretty funny that the only people that are saying don't buy are people that didn't buy. Maybe misery loves company.

All the owners that have actual experience with the car say buy.......

If you decided you don't like the car and didn't buy one why are you wasting time on this forum posting. Non buyer regret??

Another dimwit post. Give over.

But "per say" does not exist, per se. ;p

TM has no 2004 model.
By law, every VIN has a year encoded. TM encodes the calendar year the VIN was assigned, and when the car finished production. It has no other significance, unless clooless buyers give it some.

The Volt is a duck. A duck can swim. A duck can walk. And a duck can fly.

But it doesn't do any of them particularly well. A fish can swim better, a cheetah can walk better and an eagle can fly better.

The volt is a subpar electric vehicle. The volt is a subpar gasoline vehicle. The volt is a subpar vehicle.

The Model S is the pinnacle of electric vehicles.

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