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CCI Review?

I'm expecting delivery of my P85 in the next two weeks and am debating on ordering Teslaaccessories CCI. I've searched, but have been unable to find a full review. WOuld any owners care to chime in? Which variety do you have? Does it rattle? Is it functional? Are you happy with your purchase?

I love it. But, just as a head's up: there are a whole bunch of reviews over on the Tesla Motors Club forum, here is a link to most recent ones, just scroll back through the pages for more:

Thank you 2050

Got mine - - custom made to match leather and accents. I am very happy with it. Easy to install and fits like a glove. At the Atascadero Supercharger was bombarded with inquiries by other Model S owners about it and where I got it. Got tired of waiting for Tesla Store to come out with one and figured it wouldn't be much less (around $1100).

For sure -- also, there are some other cool aftermarket stuff you can check out on:

... and of course reviews here:

Got the tan with obeche gloss. Love it. Lots of inquiries from other ModS owners when they see it. You can wait for Tesla's box or go with something stylish that really finishes off the interior.


Do you have any rattle at all? Is the install as easy as it looks?


@Jrettinger - I've been going through the same debate and the only thing holding me back is really the price point. Really want the custom CCI after reading a review I found on the net, but @jat's makes me feel that the basic version would serve its purpose just as well.

Perhaps we can do a group buy?

It might be better to wait for the Tesla offering, as it appears better designed and stylistically fits much better with the interior than the CCI product from Teslaccessories. The Teslaccessories CCI appears to have a lot of wasted space and it doesn't really add to the interior elegance of the car. It looks more like a distraction, but that's just me.

does anyone know how much the Tesla center console will cost? seems like they've been promising that forever.

After not having a center console for 9 months now, I'm much happier without it. I purchased a small square black carry bag at Michaels that fits nicely under the dash in the console area. Everything is hidden from view. This item was suggested on this or TMC forum in about February. It holds everything I need, and more importantly, I can quickly remove it and take it with me if my car is being serviced. The center area is always free to take on Marilyn's purse or other items I might need to transport. Cost was under $30, and in my option works better then a console, however it does not have cup holders.

@AR - YMMV, but actually the only thing I like better about the Tesla offering is the movable partitions - I like the style of the CCI much better.

the moveable partitions seems like an interesting concept that could be pretty useful, especially if you want to separate scratch-prone items from others.

jat, what's your opinion on the cci's storage capacity?

@ageorgep - I would have preferred to have more storage and not have the cup holder (the two in the armrests are fine for me), but others argue there should have been two cup holders and less space, so you can't please everyone), but it is sufficient for my needs. The cellphone slot is pretty worthless for me - I just put my parking card there, and my phone goes in the cubby where it is more convenient.

If had been available at the time that my car was ordered, I would have ordered the center console in a heart beat. I've been driving my car for two months now and I really have learned to like the space as it is. Great for my wife's purse, the Chinese take out, the mail and other stuff that would otherwise be placed in the back seat somewhere. I'll not be ordering the center console.

I have the custom CCI in my Sig (white interior) and it matches almost perfectly. My wife I and both love the convenience and how nicely it integrates into the car.

No rattles. Had a small 'ripple' in the tambor door that they fixed under warranty no charge and no hassle.

Great product from a quality company IMO. I would buy again.

The CCI is hardly a distraction. With the new second cupholder add-on, the armrests are freed up which is great for us long-limbed humans. I haven't had a passenger yet that even notices it's an aftermarket item. It's also an extremely customer-responsive company with many new clever products coming.....or you can wait until the next ice age for Tesla to catch up.

Received an email from Tesla this week that pricing would come out "soon." For me, the combination of space and a variable number of cupholders is great for me since I'm short and the armrest cupholders are downright dangerous for me to use (I have to reach all the way across my body to get to them). Unless it's pricing is worse than the CCI, I'll order the Tesla version.

I thought the console would be a must have, but after three months, just had them install the yacht floor. I find I like the open space. Its much more flexible than a console and is discourages the clutter that a console encourages.


I too love the open space in the car. I asked Teslaccessories, maker off CCI if he would produce a yacht floor as he already had the matching wood veneers. He declined - I assume thinking there would be little demand.
Perhaps if more of us were interested he would do so. Just putting it out there.

"Soon" is a very open ended concept for Tesla.

so many valid points that each of you make, which makes the decision process even harder. my guess is that "soon" will be sometime right before the x-mas holiday season.

I actually ended up purchasing the CCI (and the Tesla for that matter) and love it!

You should be quite happy with both. I am :)

I've read the reviews through and through and it seems like people are generally very satisfied with the CCI. I think I'll be jumping on the bandwagon soon :)

I've had my car since mid-June and I'm glad I didn't order the CCI before having a couple of months of ownership. I probably would have been very happy with it, but not as happy as I am with the openness of the cabin without it.

It pops out easily, so you could use it only when & if required.

Well, that's the thing, after 4 months I now know it's not required at all.

I'm glad I found this thread, because I've been on the fence on whether a center console storage unit is really needed. The way I see it ignorance is bliss and I've been generally ok with not having any storage, although I'm leaning towards the other side after seeing this review.

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