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Center console from Tesla - available this summer!

Finally. Pricing doesn't seem to be available yet but design is finalized. Check it out!

@bsimoes: You've nailed it. Instead of whining about needing concealed storage, we should have just embraced the "man-purse" trend and everything would've been perfect. Now where can I find a purse with cupholders?

My SO sits and rest her purse in that space in one continuos motion. She smiles every time she enters the car and that makes me happy as f$&K!

@ vouteb

Where did you see that other colors were available?

I think that stevenmaifert@a.. is correct, at least from what is stated at the Tesla Gear site:

"Wrapped in black leather and available in five décor accents to match your car's interior, this console..."

Apparently it is black leather with either the Lacewood, Carbon Fiber, Obeche Wood Gloss or Matte, and Piano Black.

On No! Now, lack of central console cannot be used as a reason not to by this amazing car. Now time to focus on the tiny visors.

@DC@Tesla: Lack on central console was not an issue for me when I first inspected the car, the tiny visor was. After having the car for a month, I have no issues w/ the visors, except maybe the lack of lighted mirror. However, while I like the openness of the center console, I do not like the position of the cup holder.

bsimoes | MARCH 31, 2013
"For women, our purses are our concealed storage space!"

I like that ;) Doesn't help me one bit, but I like it anyway. Maybe it's time to see a rebirth of the murse/manbag, from the 70's...

(Or, maybe not!)

@sagebrushnw - Yes, that's how I read it too! How is this thing going to look in a Sig red with white interior?

Don't all Model S cars have a black console/black carpet so this new "closeable" addition would just blend in with what is already there.

Tesla should also sell a logo Man Purse, too.

I told my wife that I would carry a wurse if she would buy clothes with wockets.

Excuse me, murse. I never could tell a joke.

Really nice:-)) i want this!


I read it wrong

@sagebrushnw - I think the signature editions are different from what I've read. But my gray leather interior does indeed have a black pseduo-leather on both the dash and the center console area.

While I would not be interested at anything over 450- I would think tesla will price it around 899.

Pretty in-your-face to have to pay for a center console after spending 100k on a car...not something the ICE competition (in all cars above, let's see, maybe 15k!) is doing, for sure. I love the car, but feel the extreme-spartan interior detracts from an otherwise flawless execution. Guess I'll stick with my simpleton's console for now -

I think it's a shame to charge for a Center Console after people spent $ 100K and it's a shame to have a "nice' look that being offered by Cliff for $ 40. Of course it's a matter of taste but I think this "nice" look could be in 1984 Oldsmobile but not in 2013 Tesla S. I could be wrong but this is how I feel.

The MS comes with a clean modern interiour and I would not have it any different. Finally a car that doesn't force last century crap on us. If you want to have your clutter box - pay for it. I hope it will always be an option only.

I'm reading "wrapped in black leather". To me that means you can have any color leather you want as long as it's black. The decor refers to the wood accents which is the only variable component. Is their a more comprehensive color description somewhere that I'm missing?

The glovebox, cubby, and seat pocket are sufficient storage for me. Cup holders are a nightmare and the velcro'd on OEM Audi retractable one isn't much better.

On price, I suspect there will be a pretty significant design-pollution premium. If you really want to clutter up your otherwise perfect Model S you're going to have to pay for it.

?... go on. Some of us are truly mystified by whatall is in there. Also, is magic involved?

I really hope I'm wrong but based on what $250 floor mats and $400 car covers, this thing will be at least in the $1k range. Like everyone, Tesla nickel and dimeing is getting old. I definitely like the console but don't think we should be paying for it (just like the floor mats, frunk net, tire repair kit, etc.).

Hurray! Room for junk and crap!
(I'm being serious)

If it's expensive, I probably won't get it though.

I have tan leather, but I think the black color will work fine because the carpet and the leather on the dividers on the floor is already black.

Not gonna get it either. Thinking about a deeper cupholder after spilling a cup o joe on the grey leather. Cleaned up pretty well, but still. Maybe drill through the rim of the center trough to attach some insert/holder.

Re price, reasonable would be $199, but whom am I kidding? I'd not bat an eye below $500, only above 1K, I'd consider it a ripoff. But the again, won't affect me one one way or the other.

Have to think of a way to run the black usb cable from usb jack to phone under 17". Hot glue? Velcro tape to rim of central trough?

Sorry if there is another more recent thread on this (if there were a better search function....), has anyone heard any updates on the Tesla center console? I originally thought that I would be first in line to get one, but I have kind of gotten used to having more open space so I am not positive I will be a buyer of one anyway. I suppose of the price is right and I can remove it easily, I might buy one to have during the winter when I tend to have more stuff (gloves,etc) in the car. Any news?

This is one MS customer with no interest in center console. Every car we have had in past 20 years has had some type of center storage spaces with cup holders and and guess what-within few months filled with useless junk, even cupholders. The junk changes over time but always filled. Finally have clean modernistic cabin with space and without place to accumulate junk.

No need for center console for me. I LOVE MY TESLA , just the way it came!

+1 ramtaz!

And it holds your purse!

It does look like the top section near the display is likely hinged so you lift from opposite end (toward armrest) and once vertical slides down into console.

I like the convertible inserts and option to orient them to hold a water bottle and/or flat items between parallel inserts.

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