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Center console from Tesla - available this summer!

Finally. Pricing doesn't seem to be available yet but design is finalized. Check it out!

It's one thing to spend 110k on a car as a Sig owner and now to have to purchase a console that should have been part of the car in the first place. The present lack of a center console is unheard of in a luxury vehicle. I would like to know what other Sig owners feel about having to pay for it.

Thought I might buy one or an aftermarket one but my wife, as others have pointed out, likes the space for her purse. Answer to your query from this sig owner: no interest in center console at any price, glad vehicle does not have one.

I am still baffled by this bizarre sense of entitlement. I am pretty sure I mostly knew what I was/wasn't getting when I ordered my car (please don't bring up fog lights...please!). Yes, it's an expensive car, and yes, I'd like to be able to hang dry cleaning/use vanity mirrors at night/have a useful cupholder/etc. But if that means I need to buy stuff to do it, well, that's part of the deal!

Riceguy, +1

I knew what would & would not be included in the car when I placed my order, which I made of my own free will. I don't believe anybody here was coerced to buy a Model S they didn't want.

@hpatelmd, from the whining you'd think some people felt differently...

whining is right - give it a rest. Center area stays open in my MS going forward as well.

I am not a signature owner and new exactly what I was getting when I reserved my P85 in Nov. 2012. However, this is not the case for sig owners who put down $40,000 2-3 years in advance with little detailed information. Frankly, Tesla and newer Tesla owners owe Sig owners a debt of gratitude, as they were critical to the development of the Model S. IMO, Tesla should indeed offer Sig owners (not everyone else) free upgrades for small things like the center console.

@mdemetri, No argument that Tesla owes them a debt of gratitude, but that's all they OWE them. Everything else is a choice on Tesla's part to reward those that committed early; I'm just tired of the whining that Tesla owes them more than that!


+1 for all posts in this thread.

Demetri Martin? Is that you? Love your standup..


Demitri Martin would know how to spell knew.

All I can say is I hope this isn't the "Right under your nose" announcement!

Just put my deposit down today and now on the search for a suitable insert for a center console. Anyone find something not as bulky as the TM or Teslaccessories console that has compartments for change, phone, etc? Also preferably less than $500. I found a decent men's valet tray on amazon that looks like it would fit and is less than $50! What does everyone think?

I kind of laugh that say that people that expect a center console have a "sense of entitlement". I mean the car is really great but I think most reasonable people would agree that charging $500 to $1,000 for a center console isn't exactly normal.

I think it's always good to remain objective in the thought process and not get too clouded or in love with the car. I think most reasonable and objective people would agree this is an item that should come standard in a luxury vehicle.

After months of thinking about this I have to wonder if they intentionally left out the center console just so you could see that the hump for the transmission isn't there.

It's kind of like the frunk. You can tell your friends how there is no engine 100 times and still, when you open the frunk, there's that sense of wonder and shock when you lift the hood.

When is Tesla going to start actually selling these? It's been "coming soon" for far too long now.

Tesla's web site now says it's coming in the fall...

The reason any business markets a minimalist design is to generate revenue on the accessories that can be added afterwards. If you don't believe me, call Weathertec and ask about the conversation that occurred with Tesla seven months ago when they were preparing to direct market their floormats to customers.

@Robert22 can you recount that tale for us?

"Coming soon" is a very open ended concept for Tesla.

Not sure if you want to spend north of $1,000 for a console that doesn't even contain real leather and is largely a plastic contraption.


Most of us have know about the CCI since it was just an idea in SOFLAUTHOR's mind. Thanks for the link, but it has been posted many times before. This thread is actually about the "homegrown" center console from Tesla, that for some people, is much more appealing than the CCI from Teslaccesories.

I for one like that the whole thing is covered storage, and can be configured exactly how you want by the removeable "walls." I for one, would probably use them to create 2 cupholders as the CCI only has one.

The one thing I am guessing is, that the Tesla made center console will cost us (customers) over $1000. I mean the parcel shelf is $250, and that takes probably much less "design" than a center console would need...

breaking point for me is ~ $600. Just sayin.

Actually TeslaAccessories has a lower cost black-only version for $549. I saw it yesterday, and it looks rather nice.

Yes I agree. This should really be something that is included. It's a luxury sedan - and high-end at that. Having to pay $1,000 for this seems like Tesla is getting a little cheap. And I'm a Tesla fan.

It seems we all want Tesla to be profitable as long as it doesn't cost us anything.


I bought the first low cost CCI from Teslaccessories (the one thy brought for show and Tell at Teslive). At $549 its not cheep but I like it and I think it looks great.

Too bad the cup holders are still exposed. It's one of my pet peeves when it comes to car interiors. I really dislike seeing holes for cup holders when they are not in use... I like how Mercedes places cup holders beneath a panel in the E class and S class.

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