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Center console from Tesla - available this summer!

Finally. Pricing doesn't seem to be available yet but design is finalized. Check it out!


I completely agree. One of the reasons I really like TM's version of the center console.

When I talked to one the service advisers, he told me that the CCI won't be available until this Winter.

I know there are aftermarket center consoles available, but this is the longest 'coming soon' Tesla accessory ever!

Will it ever be released this year?!

I was at the UTC San Diego store last week and the employee there said it's now coming this Fall. I asked him what happened about "coming this summer" and he just laughed.

I do plan on getting it once it comes out. I'm one of those that sorely misses storage space which is severely lacking in the car.

I spoke with a Tesla employee who is in the design department yesterday. I asked this very question. He said they expect to announce pricing in early October and begin shipping them by the end of October.

George B originally (spring '12) promised them by year end. Other fish to fry.

"this is the longest 'coming soon' Tesla accessory ever!"

You obviously weren't a long time reservation holder! The Model S itself wins that one.

Maybe the aero wheels were the longest. They were on, then off, then on again.

Any plans for a rear seat center console? I remember when we took a test drive last year in Fremont, they had a center rear console as an option. What ever happened to that?

It has been designed by the same guy who came up with the nosecone...

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