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Centralia Supercharger site found!!

It will be in the middle of the outlet malls next to the freeway. It is next to the Dress Barn and close to Denny's, The Country Cousin, McD's and more.

Perfect! Wonder why the Burlington location isn't at the outlets there?

I stopped at the Centralia site yesterday (June 01) and will post some photos later today on my website at

The current status is not much! All the locations are marked for various utilities and water. There is a rather large power box streetside at the curve adjacent to DressBarn. Spoke to two fellows from the property management. There are two owners. their property lines run east west at that box so there is one owner of the lots north and one south. Unable to determine which one has worked with Tesla. I suspect the southernmost will be chosen, lots of space for 10 stalls and great solar possibilities.

The location is perfect for advertising Tesla S as it is clearly visible from the freeway.

@bbryant Thanks for stooping by and sharing the pictures.
Do you think work would start in Centralia the first week of July, given that the Burlington SC is almost close to complete?
Any recent visitors to the Centralia site?

If you go look at the Pacific Northwest forums at Tesla Motors Club there is plenty of photos and dialog about progress. It sounds like at least somebody takes a look every day.!

Yes, and they've clearly broken ground!

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