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Charge station recommendations for Seattle to Whistler?

I am making a run to Whistler with our P85 (I'm doing Seattle to Vancouver first to get an idea of that range). Has anyone made the Whistler run yet from Seattle? What are the optimal charging solutions?

No problem, we drove our P85 last year from Woodinville to Whistler during the summer and charged at the public parking in Whistler; at a dollar per hour for the parking, no charge for the 40 amp charge. If you are unsure you can charge in Squamish at the railroad museum (check their hours) they have, I think a 75 amp free charge station. I on one trip, I forgot my charge cable, but was able to charged at the Meadow Sports Centre Park north of Whistler, a 30 amp with their cord, no fee, thanks for the bus service. With the Burlington Super Charger you should have no problem, that said very cold winter travel is tough, we charged on our way home at Burlington during the winter, in a hurry we charged only enough plus a little extra and were worried that we would not make it home to Woodinville. Be sure to charge extra miles in cold weather to feel comfortable. Look forward to a Super Charger to the north of Vancouver or West Van.

I drove to Whistler before the Burlington supercharger with no problem. Charged at the Hilton hotel's J1770 at no charge even though I was not registered. Oh yes, I started on Camano Island.

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