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Tony Goodman
Dallas, Texas

Any others in Dallas?


Yes, I picked up my Model S Sunday afternoon. I wasn't sure if Denise was going to be available, but she was so no problem.

I'm really impressed with the car but I've hardly had a chance to use it as work is really busy this week.

Picking mine up Saturday. How does anyone sleep? I hope its charged I need to give a friend a ride from DFW and I'd love to use the S:) But I know I probably will need to just park it as I have to get tags inspection etc...oh well. The tickets don't cost much though.

That should be no problem. Mine had 204 miles rated range when I picked it up.

Woohoo! Picked up my silver 85KWH car, P06305, today. Whitney Smith was incredibly helpful...she represents Tesla well and takes great care of the customer. No issues except some bubbling in Armor...should go away.

Unbelievable car to drive!

Congrats @Mrce63! Was it inspected? How's the process these days? Ive got my insurance so I can do the inspection quick and I live near the tax office for that blood-letting.

Got my plates and inspection today. I put some nylon washers behind the plates to help prevent scratches. Not sure how much they will help though.

Gratz mrce63, christurbeville and jerry3! How did the service center look? Still a ton of cars staged there or getting better?

They apparently have a warehouse close by with the staged cars and only bring the ones that are being delivered that day to the service centre. There were about six cars there when I picked mine up.

Does anyone have a recommendation for an Xpel paint armour installer?

For anyone that's done the Houston-Dallas drive, could you post where you stopped for a charge between the two cities - and what charging rate (miles per hour) you had there? Thanks!


I took it to Kwik Kar on Inwood (just north of FOrest Lane) and they inspected it in 15 minutes...easy! Going to tax office tomorrow for plates.

I have read about EZPass not being readable through the windshield in other states. Has anyone tried mounting inside on the windshield in Dallas and had trouble with the tolltag readers on the Tollway?

@Mrce63 did it at carspa on beltline and marsh $12 plus a free carwash:) Like I'd put the 21s through that tunnel of pain. Waiting for the paper work from tesla to do the tags. Also I'm waiting on my tolltag to see but these days you can't tell if it reads. I should set my plate to "zero emissions" but I don't want to pay everyone's tolls!

I picked mine up on the 7th then headed for vacation the next morning. Even though the weather and scenery is great in Aruba, I can't wait to get back to drive the Model S.

Most TX readers will fall back to a rear plate scan if the tag doesn't read. That said, you should be able to mount it in the black area under the mirror that isn't shielded. I would tape it there and take it to one of the EZ tag locations to test it prior to final sticking, though. I'd also look into the TMC postings where people mounted the license plate tags in the frunk area. If you mounted your front license plate (I didn't), you could also use the license plate tag as designed:

(Tesla Model S isn't listed, but probably should be.) Good luck!

Mine works for both the Houston EZtag and my neighborhood's gate (which can also use the same EZtag) - sliding the EZtag under the right side of the rear view mirror mount, and the top half of the tag into the seam between the windshield and roof. The EZtag sits on top of the black dots and is secure enough there, that it doesn't appear to need the back of the EZtag peeled off and then stuck to the windshield.

This should also work in Dallas and Austin.

Anyone got a good accessories installer you'd trust? I seriously need a radar detector and I figure the window mount units will be impeded by the same film. I'd like to put in a Beltronics Sti-r plus.


Markapeterman recommended Speed Shield. They do all kinds of wraps and tinting. Had a transitional tint(darkens in bright light) done on my S there. Trey runs the place. They are very professional and do a lot of awesome stuff way more complicated than the armor stuff. I'd recommend them.

christurbeville, If you do find someone, please report back to the forum. I'm sure several of us(at least me) is considering installing one but the S being new and different I'm very wary of having someone take the interior apart for wiring. May want to give the Dallas Service center a call and ask them.

I'll check them out. I may look at side windows tint and it ain't September yet but I've been amazed at the light management in the pano (sp? piano;) the tint on it is very well balanced.

Does anyone have a phone number for the DAllas Service Center or someone who works there?

Mrce63, try Jack Batson, the Service Manager, at either (909) 910-6488 or (510) 578-8645. The website ( also lists (510) 249-4092.

Tesla DS advised they plan to have Model S deliveries at the Dallas Service Center on the weekends.


That is where I picked mine up from.


Thank you.

I will be driving up from Austin this weekend to visit my daughter around 635 and 75. Where would be the best/easiest place to charge?

@Meyers1958 - The best way I have found to identify charging stations in the D/FW area is through the Ap's "Recargo" and "Blink". There are several according to the Ap's in the 635 and 75 area. Blink does charge and it is cheaper if you register but you can charge as a guest and just pay slgihtly more per hour.

A few other folks have had success with using the Aps for RV parks and GS camping to charge at RV parks but not sure how successful that will be at 635 and 75. You can also use the "PlugShare" Ap but I am not familiar with that one.

If you run into any trouble and need a place to plug in, happy to offer up mine in my garage (we are between the Dallas North Toll Road and I-35 along 635 - not far from the 635 and 75 exchange).

Thanks terk! I saw that the Dallas Service Center was by the Galleria. Do they have any charging capabilities??

Inside only--at least I didn't see any outside ones. I wasn't particularly looking for them though.

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