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Ellensburg Supercharger?

Any update on the Ellensburg Supercharger? The map shows it grey in Fall 2013 and red in Winter 2013.

Looking at the map, Canyon Road exit looks like the location that would make sense. It is an exit within one mile of the junction of I-90 and I-82. There doesn't appear to be any restaurants at the actual junction.

Any likely restaurants that would be good? I see on Google maps that there is a Wendys, Taco Bell, McDonalds and Arbys all next to each other there. Based on where they put Centralia, I am betting it will be around there.

Anyone have more info?

Still no new information for Ellensburg on the web site

At least nothing that has Tesla associated with it.

I saw a note from ADK Electric at TMC and they haven't recieved orders for Ellensburg yet.

When I check the L & I web site I usually look in Kittitas County as I am unsure if the jobsite will be within the Ellensburg city limits. I also look for permits pulled by ADK Electric because they should be a natural to do the job.

The permit should be soon if they are going to achieve their proposed schedule.

I think Tesla is probably focusing on getting the I-5 corridor done first as the whole "You can drive from Canada to Mexico" schtick is a pretty powerful marketing slogan.


At today's supercharger event in Seattle, I spoke briefly with Kevin Kassekert, Director of Supercharger Deployment and Energy Efficiency. He said that the Ellensburg supercharger is expected to be on line by the end of the year.

Also, construction will start on the Vacaville CA supercharger within the next few days. Finally, he mentioned that TM has a program to encourage hotels to install charging stations. If a hotel agrees to purchase two HPWCs, TM will donate an additional two units for free.

End of the year is too late for me. I head south about the 1st of December. I'll have to charge overnight in Ellensburg to make it to the 1st supercharger on my route. No big deal, but it would have shorted my trip by at least eight hours. Still no permit in Kittitas on the L&I web site.

shorted > shortened

From the Ellensburg Business Dev Authority's update to the City Council (Nov 4):
"Discussions with Tesla Motors for a Supercharging Station in Ellensburg are near completion"

I found this report from a utility department meeting on 10-8-13:

It looks like the SC is going to be installed at the Holiday Inn Express. It also says that they plan to remove the Roadster HPC and put it into surplus -- whatever that means. I guess they don't like paying the electric bill for the HPC. Too bad they can't just move it down to the SC base. That charger was very important to Roadsters coming from the east and for round trips from Seattle.

Apparently there is another meeting scheduled for tonight.

@PatT, I certainly hope someone could explain to them that the station was initially installed for Roadsters, and is still needed by Roadsters.

The address is listed at 1620 Canyon Rd., not the Main St address of the Roadster charger. I haven't located 1620 yet, but the Flying J is at 2300 Canyon Rd., so 1620 is north of that.

Yay! We've got an address and location for this site! Excellent work on the sleuthing folks!

As PatT stated above the address of 1620 Canyon Rd. is the Holiday Inn Express. From the Google sat images it looks like there's a parking lot in the back that might have room for a few SC's.


@DouglasR, apparently the city has been paying the power bill for the HPC and doesnt see a need to do that once the SC is installed.

Do they realize that Roadster's can't use the Superchargers?

Maybe that will be the "something special" for Roadster owners next year that Elon has hinted at. ;-)


Actually the current HPC serves Roadsters adequately. It provides 17 KW and three hours at that rate will fully recharge the smaller Roadster battery even if is almost completely depleted. I would like to see the HPC moved down to the new Supercharger location rather than put into "surplus" by the city.

I think that is important to keep remembering the contributions and efforts of the Roadster owners, and in this case, especially those of Tom Saxton.
I like the location on Main Street. Great restaurants and a nice downtown area to walk around in. I'd like to see it stay where it is while the Superchargers are closer to the Freeway intersection.
I hope it remains, and hope it ends up where Roadster owners want it...

ADK Electrical has markings at the Holiday Inn Express as reported on the Tesla Motors Club Forum. Pictures are posted with the notations that this is the spot.

I hope be there next Monday. I'll see if there are any changes.

Thanks for the update. Opened dialog at TMC about ideas for the Roadster HPC adapter's next movement. Ideas welcome! I was already PM'd a few.

I can't understand why it should move. There is no relationship to the superchargers and the HPC when it comes to Roadsters. And, until they put the community adapter in, there was not much relationship to the MS.

From TMC it looks like Detroit Lake is pretty much done. I wouldn't be surprised to see the ADK crew in Ellensburg next week if they're not there already.

Also happy to hear (from reading TMC) that the HPC will stay in Ellensburg with Tom Sax having to take over the electricity payments. Sounds like the city decided to install a meter on it just in time for the installation of the S adapter and likely the highest use it will possibly ever see.

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's a shame about Ellensburg starting to charge for the charging.

No way should Tom be responsible for payments.

At the worst, it should have a card swipe for users to pay cost of electricity only. Or perhaps at the supercharger station a voluntary card swipe for Model S owners to make a donation.

Once the supercharger is operational, I suspect that the monthly costs will be pretty low. Tom should be able to put the account in the name of a non-profit, in which case there will be no daily service charges and only 5.54 cents per kWh for energy (see Each Roadster would be able to charge half the battery for about $1.50, and I doubt that the station would see more than a handful of Roadsters each month. Setting up an elaborate payment system would thus not be very cost effective. I think what we're looking for is something simple and easy, for example a Paypal account with reminder cards left at the station.

We're spending tonight in Ellensburg, so I checked out the site at the Holiday Inn Express. Ground still isn't broken, but there's an ADK truck there, and a Bobcat shovel.

The Model S-to-Roadster-charger cable bought for Centralia will become available to move to another Roadster charger once the Supercharger is operational. Perhaps that will fill in a hole somewhere else.

I'm also happy to to contribute to the retroactive electricity bill. 'Only used it once, but it was an integral part of my trip plan.

I am looking for good suggestions for the next adapter destination. There has been a couple suggestions.

I'm open to any thoughts.

Can you share where the suggested locations are? Frankly, I've looked at Chad's map, and was hard pressed to find any Roadster HPC locations that are not either on a supercharger route or at a private residence.

Construction has been underway for more than a week...

More info here...


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