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Escort 9500xi GPS Radar Detector & Model S Windshield

I tried to use my radar detector in my Model S, but the unit was unable to locate the satellite. I also have a problem with the gate in my development in that I have to hold the sensor outside the window to get it to work. Has anyone found a place on the windshield that will allow a radar detector to pick up the satellites or a gate sensor to work. This is not a sensor that can be programmed into the homelink system.

Most cars today have a transmitting opening above the rear view mirror mounting on the front windshield. Try pointing it at the gate from a position just above the rear view mirror mounting--let us know if that works.


Do you mean to the right of the RV Mirror (where the black-dotted area is)?

What about inside the plastic dome in the front. Plastic should be microwave transparent. But maybe infrared then you need clear sight of course.

Use to search for radar detectors and homelink/garage door openers, and over at TMC. There are many, many threads on these subjects.

go to the local mechanic.why you take head ache

When you say it can't locate the satellite, do you mean GPS? My phone can pick up 12+ GPS satellites inside the car with no problem.

I have the same exact problem with my Escort 9500xi. If anyone has any idea why, please share.

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