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EV Bills in the Legislature

I found this interesting website with a list of EV-related bills in our State Legislature this year:

The first 3 are particularly interesting:

2ESSB 5152

$100 EV Annual Licensing Fee

We should contact our legislators and ask them to vote against this one.

HB 2106

Authorizing plug-in vehicles to use HOV lanes regardless of vehicle occupancy.

This one sounds good. Ask them to vote for this bill.

SB 6380

Concerning electric vehicle charging stations ($250.00 fine for ICEing)

This one sounds good, too! Fine for parking in a charging station spot. Especially love the term ICEing!

The first bill in the list should be SB 5251--sorry for the typo (it's wrong on the site, too.

Well, $100 annual EV licensing (especially since that would fund road repair etc.) AND if it gets us a HOV pass would be well worth it to me! I drive I5 bridge every day and after 3PM north bound the HOV lane travels about 2x speed. I don't have a problem paying that.

I honestly don't mind paying the $100 either, but there are few perks for us early adopters and it seems like a reduction in taxes would help draw more people to electric vehicles in the first place. Ultimately, I think the less we are dependent upon oil, the better. If more people buy EV's because of tax incentives, that seems like a reason to keep the incentives around.

I use the highways so am good with paying for them. Driving an electric vehicle means no tax from gasoline so an annual fee is reasonable. "Perks?" In Washington not paying sales tax on a $90,000 car seems like a massive one to me. JMA

I'd gladly pay $100 yearly, but would like HOV access and no front license plate requirement. Dreaming!

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