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Hello All
Looking for some input about eVgo/blink charging stations. Anybody using them at work or as needed on the go?. I own a 40kw battery car and the 140 mile range is good between work and home but looking for other options if the need arises to charge more. I searched the web for model S and eVgo stations. Nothing much came up. Found a Flickr photo model S at a eVgo station.
Thanks in advance.

Blink and Charge Point are less expensive. eVgo has a very high monthy fee. I have the Blink and Charge Point cards, but I've never used them. Get a couple of charging Apps which show the locations.

Blink is 49 cents a KW. I pay 9 cents at home so I would really have to need the charge.

I have a 60KW. I have used Blink around Houston mostly on the weekends when I am away from home for extended periods. I don't really need them, but it is convenient. eVgo has a monthly fee so, I don't see how that can benefit me.

Chargepoint has by far the best rates, typically $1-$2/hour, often free. The app is fantastic allowing you to start and stop your charging at the pump or even remotely, and even texts and emails you should someone unplug you. They normally add 15-20 mph of charge.

Combine low amps with the 208 most commercial places have and blink is useless. Evgo would be awesome if we could use the ChaDemo but again 30amp 208 isn't worth the 1-1.50/hr really. Don't have too many chargepoints around Dallas AFAIK.

@mreitman Blink is $1.00 / hr in Dallas if you signup for it via their website. That equals about 17 cents per KW, not 49 cents. You're suggesting that Blink costs $3 / hour.

Was in Houston for this Father's Day from Louisiana. Tried charging at a Blink in front of Kohls off Highway 6 in Stafford and the charger quit after 1 1/2 hrs. Tried using an EVGo in front of Whole Foods in Sugar Land and never could get the charger to work even after calling their helpline (though they tried resetting it several times remotely and never could get it to work and they were going to let me charge for free). Called Tesla at the Galleria and they have a special parking/charging area for Teslas just inside the green garage on the south side of W Alabama. Charged my P85 up over 4 and half hours while seeing the sites with the family and then headed back to Baton Rouge. On the way there stopped at a Chargepoint in Lake Charles at a really nice McDonalds at the half way point.

Galleria has two charger points. It is awesome.

eVgo appears to be $60/yr according to the website. How fast is the charge from anybody's experience? It could be worth it if you are making monthly trips from Dallas-Houston or Dallas-Austin, etc.

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