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Gas Station Blues

I am alone on this or does everyone else on the waiting list get the blues every time you have to fill up your car at the gas station?

I always find myself hoping that this is the last time I will ever buy gas even though I am only P446.

For the people who already have their S is it as awesome as it seems to wake up every day and your car is "full" and ready to go?

Yes. It's awesome. Back in June I drew a bunch of squares on my white board at work based on the number of times I expected to ever have to stop for gas again. It felt good watching them get checked off over the painful weeks of waiting. I actually had one left over when I finally got my Model S. Saving that for some day when I have to rent an ICE car for long enough that the pre-paid fill up option won't cover all my driving.

absolutely, and down to two more oil changes! P6484

Yes, I think the gas "station blues" is the toughest thing I go through. I bought $60.00 in gas yesterday and sadly that will last only 7-8 days at most! Can't wait!!

Definitely anxious to end the trips to the gas station and $50-plus fill ups every 5-6 days.

I had a Nissan LEAF for 15 months and just LOVED driving it everywhere (see

The only time my Lexus (a really wonderful ICE car) ever left the garage during that time was when I had to make a road trip, and I probably bought no more than 10 tanks of gas during that entire period.

Then because I knew my Model S was coming soon, I sold the LEAF last month. Sad! Ever since then I have withdrawal symptoms whenever I experience the vibrations/background noise of my ICE, and it chaps me every time I have to slide my credit card at a gas pump.

When will Tesla get to my P#859? Waaaahhh.

I literally feel like I am being extorted when I fill up at the pump here!

In California we use a 'special gas blend' that is only refined here, thus the refinaries here can charge us whatever they want, whenever they want. Thus, over the last month, we have been paying the highest gas prices in the whole nation (second to Hawaii). We all know these refinaries have been gouging us, in-part because of the up-comming election, because they know California is a Blue State.

I cant wait to stop going to the gas station. At my station, I get baraged with questions first before I can even get the gas! Do you have a gas station card? NO. Would you like a car wash today? No. I just want ot get some gas!!!!!!! Not too mention I am answering these questions in the freezing winter time too.

Last time I got gas, a lady and her approx 10 year old son were getting gas next to me and I mentioned in about three weeks, I will not have to ever get gas again!!! No more silly questions to answer!! She got a chuckle out of it then said she thought about a volt - it gets 75 miles a charge she said. No. I didnt have the time to educate her! Sad people think of the volt when thinking electric.

GLO: At $60/week that's the order of $3000/year. That will take about 20 years to pay off the $60,000 Tesla.

Price of gas per gal... $4.50 / $5.00

Cost to drive 650 miles a week... $200.00

Speeding along at 85 MPH in the HOV lane during gridlock bumper to bumper LA traffic, and never having to stop for gas.... PRICELESS!

There are some things in life that waste a lot of time, the Model S isn't one of them.

cerjor: But an ICE car isn't nearly as much fun!

Cerjor- What you mean to say, I think, is that a gas equivalent- say a Lexus or a BMW- would cost $50-60k; and they get 20 mpg- so on 12000 miles a year they use 600 gallons of fuel or about $2500-3000; whereas the Tesla, at $60k, will use 4000 kWh to go the same distance, at a cost of about $500-700. So, it takes about 5 years for the gas savings to pay the slightly higher cost of the Tesla vs an equivalent ICE car. To expect the gas savings to COMPLETELY make up for the cost of the car is not how most people are making the purchase decision.

Of course if you go for 85kWh it will take longer.

I've pumped gas for 37 years. The sign on the pump says "it's hazardous to inhale the gas fumes". I figure I've shortened my life by at least 6 months. Hopefully, I won't be pumping gas for the next 30 years. Except for an occasional rental car.

Amazing that all gas stations in New Jersey are still full serve. No smelly hands when stopping at a gas station on the way to eating dinner out.

Cerjor, because the ICE car to out the gas in is free of course?
Ignoring for a second the fact that the Tesla is equivalent in terms of quality and performance to ICE cars around $50k. Even if the Tesla is chosen over a "typical" ICE, say a cruze worth $20,000 then the extra cost for the Model S is only $40k which will take ~12 years to pay back in gas savings. Compared to cars that are actually comparable in terms of quality and performance at worst it takes about 3-5 years to pay back in fuel savings and many vehicles the S matches in performance are already more expensive hen it right from the start.
So in fact the S can actually be cheaper within a vehicle lifespan then even a mid level compact sedan, and is definitely cheaper within its life then a full size luxury sedan it competes against.

That dang orange "empty" light has been staring me in the face for days. In the month since I configured my S, it pains me more and more when I have to stop at the gas station. Tonight I drove 2 miles out of my way to find a gas station to fill up on my way home from the park with the kids. Fighting to drag the hose over the car, then holding the handle manually for several minutes so it doesn't retract and pull the nozzle out of the car . . . then my daughter asking "what is that stinky smell?". This has never bothered me before - until I realized there really is a better way. The electric vehicle is so REVOLUTIONARY in so many ways. I can't wait to leave for work every morning with a full charge!!

Aaargh! Now I just got my smog test requirement from DMV. The time, the hassle, the cost . . . cars don't have to be this complicated!!

Range anxiety to me is 'oh no I have to stop for gas.' The orange light. Can't wait to start every morning with a full pack!

I have had the gas station blues with each fill up since I was old enough to drive. Every time I put gas in a car I wonder if my great-great-great grandchildren will be able to breathe, and these days I've added on concerns about killing our troops so I can run to the grocery store, etc.

Sorry to sound morbid, but I have been thinking about this since decades before I got on the Model S waiting list.

As far as if it has become worse since the wait for the S, not so much now that I put solar on my roof. For now I am banking energy that will be a credit towards a car I plan on rarely "filling up" with petroleum-derived energy. If I can avoid it entirely I will.

Perhaps then one of those grandchildren will have one less asthma attack or something and my environmental destruction karma can be mitigated.



My wife made the same comment just yesterday.

"Man! I can't believe that I have to gas up... again!"

Good news is, she only has to wait more month!

--- Cherif

I vowed to myself that I have already made my last stop at a gas station. My delivery window opens on Friday.

I don't want to stand out in the wet and cold holding that smelly noxious nozzle ever again!

Tesla, set me free!

For the record books I should mention that my last fill up was $87.

Well, if you have to one more time, pull up to the full service pump and get them to check all the fluids.

well people, it is worth the wait, you will be so happy when you get your Model S.
my new ritual is to get to the garage a minute early to unplug the car, push the coolest handle to open the door, get in the car to have the instrument panel come to live and do its flip of the middle display (if you know what I mean), and get out of the garage silently. Very Awesome!
i am especially happy when I drive by the gas station! Thank you Tesla, Elon and all!

What were your res# and serial (VIN last 4 digits)?


I haven't seen a full service station in the last decade, at least.

I had to take my Tesla to the gas station for air into the tires. The smell was horrible. Unfortunately I still need to help the wife and daughter fill up sometimes.

You wanta know the ultimate irony?

On my way to the Supercharger event in October, I had to stop and put $86 worth of gas in my Lexus!

I've had my Model S for almost 3 weeks, now, and haven't been to a gas station since....


The manual says never to put smelly air into your tires.


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