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Has anybody received their car with rear kid seats?

Perhaps I haven't been reading closely enough, but I have yet to see a review from a Tesla S owner about the rear facing jump seats. Are they coming with the cars being delivered? Have they been tried by owners yet? Has there been any word from the gov't about safety testing of the seats yet? Are the seats a reason why some owners haven't yet received their 2 week delivery window?

My delivery specialist said today when he delivered my sig that he thought it would be two months til the seats were in.

Got this e-mail from my local service rep.

Your current order status for VIN#168.
Parcel shelf and rear facing seats: ETA: 12.31.2012.
Hope this information was helpful.

Mark LaPlant | Tampa Service Manager

Since we are talking about missing options, did anyone get the rear spoiler with the car?

I am still waiting for rear seat and spoiler.

I am in the same boat Juan! Missing the rear spoiler and seats, glad it didn't postpone getting my car however. I can wait for those two, even if my son can't! :D

Anyone heard anything new about when the rear facing seats will be available?

Was told mid-Jan at earliest.

Picked up my Model S mid December at the factory and was told Q1 for the rear facing seats.

The kids will be all grown up before they come in!

Just weighed my twin boy's, they are 25 lbs. and 34 inches tall, I can wait a couple months... :) My 9 year old is almost 10 however, he really REALLY want's to sit back there and is worried he may outgrow it before it comes.

Just curious, do you know if the rear seats require a booster seat if they are made smaller for children (if the kids would normally legally require one in other seats)?

@garyrudolph, my understanding was that the rear-facing seats replace boosters. Now that the manuals are available for download, that can be confirmed. Here's a quote from page 14 of the Owner's Safety Information booklet (ms_safety_information.pdf):

WARNING: The rear facing seats are child safety seats. They must only be used for children over 37 inches (94 cm) tall and weighing between 35 and 77 pounds (16.2 to 35.2 kg). Ensure the top of the child’s head cannot contact the vehicle. Do not use supplemental child restraint systems in these seats. Follow all instructions provided.

When will rear seats start delivering?

I got mine today (performance, grey paint, 21" grey wheels, tech package, pano roof). No rear seats yet. Delivery rep is coming tomorrow, I'll ask him what he's heard.

Actually my car came with two kids...but the seats are on the due bill along with the package shelf. OK, maybe not...

I know its probably their lowest priority but any new whispers? When will they have rear seats available. Is the product made completely by an outside supplier?

What's better advertising to the family market then to see two kids jump out the back in a mall parking lot or a school football game, etc... Sooner the better on getting kid seats to owners... Priority over all other due bill items I would think...

I see the mention of anchor points on the back of the seats, mine doesn't have those so my back seats have to be swapped out as well?

Any idea if the rear jump seats are going to be bad w.r.t. motion sickness.. don't want my kids to curse for putting them in those.

Do your kids barf on roller-coasters?


Yes those who have taken delivery w/o the seats are now getting car seats installed... Of course they have been waiting a long time and get theirs 1st.

I have mid to end of Feb delivery and they said I will not have seats at that time, but the wait will be shorter than those who took delivery w/o seats in the fall.

Possibly 4 weeks after I get the car they will have seats to install in my car at service center. Tough to estimate.

The main point is that folks getting Feb delivery of car will still most likely not have kid seats.


Check the back of the rear seat(s). There is a slit in the carpeting on the back of the seat. That is where you will find the anchor point.

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