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Hilton LAX Parking

Has anybody experience with the Hilton LAX parking structure? I have to park my car (85kWh) there for 22 days that would probably drain my battery to Zero even if I use the SC Los Angeles just before parking. Are there any 110V outlets, if yes are the lots marked for EV only?

Free parking for 30 days at 2 lax structures. Both have chargers.

That was for LAX not for Hilton and also that is not true anymore, it was cancelled with date of today.

Please only own experience answers, no have read about it or seen somewhere.

Just left LAX three days ago. Parked for free for 11 days. No one mentioned the free parking was going away. Sorry for the misinformation.

Have you asked Hilton?

I have, they say that they have outlets on P5 and P6, but what I want to know from personal experience is, if they are free when you arrive because for example the lots are marked for EV only or there are cones there and you have to ask Valet or if all lots are taken by ICE or whatever experience some might have.

Three days ago is not the 3/1/2013 when the free parking should be expire. I will get on my BMW ActiveE forum, where that is the topic all along and see what experience they have. Will post it here but on another thread "LAX free parking"
Because if that would not expire very great, I was checking that out already with my BMW ActiveE and worked wonderfully. I even parked there at LAX for free when staying at the Hilton (Shuttle Service) several times with the ActiveE

Maybe you could solve the problem by leaving your model s at home. Maybe,rent a car one way to lax and then home. Should cost less than paying for parking.

Free parking is no more see website

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