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homelink - how to get popup menu at a gate?

As you all may know, the home-link menu pops up with programed devices when i pull close to my garage. Not sure if it is based on gps or some signal. Anyone know how to have the home-link programed device menu pop up when approaching a gate? I do know that the gate is not a rolling code device as there is no learn button to press after programing in the code from the transmitter.

We have both gate and garage. We get it to pop for our gate but not for the garage. Our gate device is almost 20 years old. We have the opposite problem you have...

My homelink does not pop up for a gate either. In fact it only opens the gate half the time. My gatemaster said that some homelink units didn't recognize gates at all and these car units were being replaced by homelink at no charge.

My homelink works both my gate and my garage. The pop up menu engages via gps. So you will have to go to your gate and program it there.

By gps. I wondered why there was no drop down menu at my gate. The homelink was programmed at a different gate (both gates use the same code).

And in case you are not aware, I was unable to get the gate to program from in front of the bumper as suggested. My delivery guy suggested repeating the procedure from inside the frunk... which worked very well.

If you program each gate at each gate (rather than use the programming for one gate at the other one) and then program the garage door at the garage door, it should all work correctly.

+1 Oliver - it presents the dropdown when you are near a place that it was programmed. So, program the gate in front of the gate, and program the garage in front of the garage.

My garage programmed easily.. but not sure I've seen the menu pop up. I think we have to click the home button then 'garage'.

yes program them at the locations for each button, garage, gate 1 and gate 2, and try the inside the frunk trick, worked well for me and it pops up at each location properly

while i have mine programed and the menu does present it self for garage and gates, i have found that the menu only presents while in garage and backing out. once i am outside doing a j curve and shifting to drive, i have to manually prompt for the menu to close the garage. I will probably try to reprogram the garage door while outside and not inside recognizing there are 3 spots where the button is needed, open when approaching, inside garage to close and open for arrival/departure, and once backed out for closing upon departure.

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