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How can Canadians take advantage of Tesla Financing?

There's a pretty fat incentive here in Ontario that's well suited to serve as the down-payment, but as far as I can tell, the financing is only available to Americans.

Prove me wrong? How can Canadians take advantage of Tesla Financing?

Elon said they are working on Canadian financing with Scotia bank. It might be available in three months.

I also understand there is a Canadian company doing leasing for Model S. I think it is MVL Leasing after a very quick Google search.

Don't feel left out, it isn't even available to most Americans but just a handful of states.

Scotia was listed under the financing section of the Buy drop down on the Tesla site with, if I recall correctly, 3.99% financing. After the announcement and site redesign, the financing section and Scotia references is no longer listed. MVL is currently providing leasing. 48 month open-ended leases only.

Took delivery of my MS on 21 March. Correct on the 3.99% rate from Scotia. No hassles with Tesla Canada handling the paperwork.

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