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How Does One Apply for a Position w/ Tesla in the OKC Location?

I discovered a week ago that Tesla is planning to open a location in Oklahoma City. I'd been wondering if-and-when Tesla would be doing so, which made this discovery all the more exciting. I sent an inquiry via the Site asking where I can send a resume for consideration and I have not yet received a response. I believe that working for Tesla would be a rewarding experience, especially considering we (as a whole) are at the cusp of a change in the paradigm of personal transportation.

These are exciting times, almost like those at the turn of the 20th Century, and as such I wish to be involved in a greater capacity than I am currently able.

Any information and/or direction is greatly appreciated. My address and cell number are listed in my Profile and I welcome any contact from a representative of Tesla.

Thank you.

Did you use the job search function in the "careers" section of the site?

It lists 6 job openings for the OK branch.

There will be a button on the page that says "apply for position."

Also, it seems that after you apply, you can log in and check the status I believe...

OK, looks like I didn't spend enough time perusing the site.

Thank you.

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