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how easy to add tech package for cars w/o it initially?

When I ordered, I didn't choose the tech package.

I'm just curious if how it is easy to upgrade or add the tech package...

So, is it possible to add tech package for the cars initially w/o tech package?

If there are more features in tech package (blackbox, dashboard camera, etc...) later,

I may be interested...

According to Tesla it is not possible but several threads talk about the possibility that TSLA will offer a NAV only upgrade later since it does not look like a HW issue.

A different wiring harness and myrid component changes all over the car would make it a very expensive upgrade even if it were offered, and I have heard no indications that it ever will.

Your "upgrade" is probably to sell your car and buy a new one. If you just placed the order, you might be able to get it changed if they haven't started building it yet.

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