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Is it regardless of the costs involved hypothetically possible to connect a portable power generator which runs on gas to charge a tesla while driving or are there any reasons for this to not be doable.

I am interested in knowing this hypothetical question only to know if I can drive continuously with the car if needed.

Not possible. The software that manages the drive train will not allow the car to be put in drive while it is charging.

If you want a hybrid there are quite a few decent choices. You could always buy one of those.


Oh, I think you didn't understand completely why I am doing this mental exercise. I live in Norway and I want the potential tax benefits by driving an full electrical car while having the option of using it as a hybrid somehow.

Norway should be covered by SuperCharger network, so you shouldn't need to charge while moving. You can charge quickly when you stop.

If you really want to do a mental exercise, then figure out how quickly you want to charge the car while stopped, since it cannot charge while moving. And then calculate how large a generator needs to be to charge it.
Once you calculate that number, then see if the size of generator will fit in the frunk or if you have to fit it in the rear, or the rear with seats down.
And then compare that to how much you need to pay for gas to fill up the generator, and how long it takes to refill the generator.
And then you realize that using a SuperCharger is the way to go.

Regardless the costs of gas...
The efficiency of generators.
Driving from Norway to Germany, France and Spain.
Cheap gas for a super car which costs 1/4 of the price of a similar car which runs on regular gas.

Get the point ffs please :D

Since you say "regardless of the cost", the answer is yes, and the answer to your next question is yes, I can do it for you. I take cash. Up front.

On the other hand, these are things to consider:
1. You will most definitely void your warranty.
2. You would have to alter the battery management system, including some important safety features.
3. You might "brick" your battery in the process.
4. Spain is a great country to hitchhike (might come handy).

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