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If you could change one thing about the Model S...

OK, one thing only per post. Physical change, not 'make it cheaper'. Ok to explain, but don' say 'cup holders, and console, and rims, etc.' If enough people respond we'll cover all the bases. If I could change one thing about the Model S...I'd make it 6"-12" shorter. That would lose the rear facing seats, diminsh storage a bit, lighten the car by a couple hundred pounds, increase the range, increase acceleration. I'm confident the folks in design would make it beautiful still. Who's next?

Delivery anywhere or pickup at the factory is all the same price: $990. Fly to the opposite end of the country for a vacation, take delivery at the hotel, and drive home if you want. Same charge.


The personal delivery is $990 even if you pick up your car at the Freemont, CA factory you will get the personal delivery. The personal delivery is a Tesla rep taking time with you to go over every thing on the car with you. They do this at the factory as well. So no getting around the delivery charge. It doesn't matter where the closest Tesla store is, your car will not go there and be delivered to your home. Your Model S will be delivered directly to your home from the factory. It is pulled in a big white box trailer similar to the ones racecars are hauled in.

Adjustable backseat headrests.

After my test drive, I was shocked that the regen is so much softer than the Roadster, even in the "Standard" setting. So...

Guys, just have a third regen setting and call it "Sport" and make it at least as aggressive as the Roadster!

Hm. On the vids I saw, 'Sport' was often used and referred to. On the Performance only?

Or maybe that was steering/shocks, not regen.

I saw a video clearly showing three settings for regen, one being harder than "standard". Don't recall what it was called though.

Brian H: I think that's the setting for steering.


In the pics on the design studio the backseat headrests do look adjustable. In the picture at the link below shown from behind they definitely look adjustable. I saw pictures of the seats folded flat and the headrests appear to be completely removed.

"The door handles make me nervous. One more thing to break"

First thing I thought of is: No more engine, transmission, oil pumps, filters, radiator, hoses, belts, water pumps, exhaust systems, oxygen sensors, gas tanks and fuel pumps -- about a thousand less things to break !!

Only we're used to them. People used to worry about electric windows. "One more thing to break". Now we don't think about them, or the motor that lifts the rear hatch (could use manual method), but the little motors and sensors that push the handles out. Maybe in 10 years we will have something new to worry about, like Falcon Doors. "One more thing to break!"

That seems to be the Model X third row. Where I got the photo said it was the S.

OK, I'll add another - the bar that splits the pano roof in two and apparently receives the retractable screen. Wow - that thing is huge, ungainly, bright (seen chrome color in videos), and totally out of sync with the rest of the car design.

Help!!! Tesla make that thing feel more integral, please - color it with the headliner, make the retractable screen an option (so the bar can be smaller), anything. Feels like one of those seat bar things that enclose you at amusement park roller coasters.

I'll hazard a guess that the bar you want minimized is a structural piece that ensures you won't get crushed if something manages to flip the car or land on it. If so, it's one of the last things they'd change.

@Cattledog: Regarding the panoramic screen housing--I mentioned the exact same concern to George B at my LA test drive. He looked shocked, as if that was an entirely new concern. I told him that it looked and felt cheap and needed to be better integrated into the interior design which, aside from the current lack of a console, is otherwise great. I hope he heard!

I wonder why they do not just put same system as in mirrors to that panoramic roof: electrochromatic shading. Flip a virtual switch in console and get shaded. Or do they already and that mechanical screen is on top of that?

IMO they should scrap that retractable screen altogether. The panoramic roof is so dark that I really have no use for an additional screen. It just takes up space, looks ugly, and is a possible source for a rattling noise.

As always, others may think differently. :-)

Timo, you mean like Mercedes' "Magic Sky Control" which they use in their SLK? (Google for it, there are some videos out there.) No, Tesla does not use anything like that, at least not that I'm aware of.

That's the one. Same technology, but Tesla-sized roof.

+ 1 to scrap the screen. I test drove on a sunny day in LA and saw no need for a screen.

It would be nice if the backside of the front and rear door openings were SMOOTH instead of the way they are designed with “ribs” on them (the continuation of the arm rest of the door design). With them not being smooth it is definitely a “wear” point. Noticed that there was already a lot of wear on these spots, front and rear, on the Beta model I sat in on July 2nd.

If the front seat is all the way back or near that position, it is very uncomfortable getting in or out of the car. The back seat is located in a fixed position behind the door opening and suffers the same fate.

I am a large guy and realize that I need to “downsize”, but was so disappointed to “discover” the “ribs” making entrance and exit of the Model S more complicated than necessary.

The rear door could use a longer opening at the bottom to facilitate entrance and exit but the car would have to be longer.

Love the design and looks of the car overall and can’t wait to drive one.

Just one thing? Okay... make it a little smaller. Which would in turn make it lighter and more efficient. As is, it's big (at least on the outside, I'm 6'4") and it's heavy and not as efficient as it could be due to its size and weight. (Compare miles/kWh to others.)

It's certainly fast but not what I'd call "nimble". Yes, I test drove the non-performance version in Fremont. I'm thinking more of a BMW 3-Series, Audi A4 or even as small as the A3 I used to own before I got my LEAF. I know, I know, wait for the Gen III... but I don't wanna wait!! ;-) Heck, that's why I got my LEAF! And Audi is dragging their heels on the electric A3.

So still, kudos to Tesla!! I just wish it was more the car for me. (Do I have to wear a suit to drive this executive-styled sedan? ;-)

For what it's worth, my Tesla copilot mentioned that he and many other employees at Tesla are also small sporty car owners and fans and reminded me that generation III is coming....

And the second thing? All Wheel Drive. Please.

Upgrade the computer system to use Nvidia Tegra 4.

I would make it capable of playing the Led Zeppelin "Celebration Day" and Rush "2112" discs that I got from Santa this year...and my other fabulous 5.1 DTS music too.

We would like to have a true 300 mile range at freeway speed. (65mph)

Without that, we need a connector for a range extender trailer.

I'd want a scanner/camera up front so when I'm behind some smoking ICE I can take picture with its plate visable and file a noise/smell complaint with the cops online }B)

If we are dreaming, why not have it Wifi electricity enabled. Electricity delivered to the car wirelessily, much like data is delivered. The only use for the battery would be tunnels, parking structures or poor reception. Just dreaming.

We will look back on the tall rectangular screen and smile...the same smile we get when we see an Apple Lisa today. It will look bulky and prehistoric. Technology just hasn't caught up, and the design team did the best they could under the circumstances.

Each one would come with a Cattledog.

Dr. Bob;
A trailer would destroy the Cd, and slash mileage, probably more than it would contribute. And require an serious re-engineering of the power system. Wait for bigger batteries and/or more Superchargers.

typo: require a serious ...

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