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Hey all -

Can anyone provide any insight as to who would be the best insurance provider in the state of tx (Dallas Area) for a new 85kwh Model S? Rates & providers would be useful. Anyone with killer rates?


I use Progressive. Rates are pretty good.

I was with USAA and decided to switch to Geico, given they would insure me (not just the Tesla, but multiple cars that were on the policy) for half what USAA would even after being with USAA for over 20 yrs.

Even after selling one of the extra cars on the policy Geico maintained their competitive rates. I have also had one policy renewal and they continue to be as good as their original quote. No claims experience, but certainly good rates on their policy.

I have also been with USAA, but when I got my Tesla I got quotes from Geico and progressive - the rates were lower, but the coverage was much less and they didn't even offer the amounts I was insured at for USAA. Make sure you compare apples to apples.

@ Markapeterman - valid point.

In my case the coverage was exactly like for like. For my own sanity I compared the total quote on a line item basis: Liability Bodily/Property; Un/Underinsured Bodily/Property; Collision and Comprehensive; rental reimbursement & roadside.

Geico is absurdly cheap for the price of the car...less than half of what a few other insurers wanted.

USAA , over 35 years , may not always be the cheapest , but they are the best!

I'm finding progressive for 1600 for 6 months

Amish...try Geico. $135/month for a Model S and a VW Tiguan with very low deductibles and high limits.

We have been with State Farm for many years for most of our insurance needs. I just emailed with my agent who said replacing my Infiniti G37 with an S85 would increase my premium $115 semi-annually.

AAA...about $95 a month.

I have just ordered a P85. State Farm have quoted a $50 increase for six months versus current premium on a Porsche Cayenne S. The agent opined that once NHTSA ratings make their way through the insurance tables, the Tesla premium may come down next year.

404 at Geico with above min and 1000 deductible for a year.

I just got a quote from Geico for $86.35 a month.

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