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Invitation to Model X Premiere

I received an invite to the LA event 02/09/2012 @ 7pm. Did anyone else get an invite?
SSL212, & R373

Most likely all Signature reservation holders received it.

Yep. If they were going to leave anyone out, it would be me.

I asked but haven't received one. I'm only a P' on though.

@discoducky - We received our invite, but we can't make it...If it's transferrable, you're welcome to take ours...

Got the invite. Sig holder.

Me, too. But why on a Thursday night in LA? Anyone who goes please post pics and reviews. Not that I would switch but I'm interested to see how much the X will have in common with S?! And, my recently engaged Son may need something bigger than his VW soon! ;-)


Sig 692

Got it, sig holder also. Too bad I live in Austin.

Ha! DrJ, I think that's the first time I've heard somebody say "Too bad I live in Austin." #DFW

Where in LA are they holding the "X reveal" -- just curious! :-)

I recall "S" was revealed at Elon's SpaceX facility?

Got it, but unfortunately will be on the east coast for work the day before. Anyone want to lend me a spot on their private jet to make coast to coast trek? Robert.Boston, I'm looking at you. :-)

Got it, unfortunately we are in Europe (Sig #45 there)!

Got it, happely I live in Europe. Have to buy me a ticket!

Got it - Sig holder here in MD.

Got it. Sig holder in SoFla. Curious to see the design, but not curious enough to fly cross country.

Thanks John! I'd take it if it was!

but obviously not going.

OK, i admit it, I am a cave dweller and don't see much of the outside world. Does anyone have any background on the Model X? Is this the 4X4 version or something else? Any dates for production?

Thanks, back to my cave now....

@JimBl: Given that the internet is getting more and more like Plato's Cave ( ), you can stay in your cave and wait for the shadows on the site, coming in just a couple of weeks. Stay chained into your cave! You can come out when your Model S (or X) arrives.

There's plenty of nattering about the Model X over on Tesla Motors Club forums.

Since only Signature reservation holders are invited to the model X unveiling, I think the model X will be more expensive than the model S.

Considering that there is over 1000 signature owners, that might as well be just because of large number of people and decision to let those that have put aside more money to get a little treat.

AFAIK Model X should be about same price as Model S. Personally I don't care, because Model S is already too big to me, I don't care about even larger vehicle. If there would be a smaller hatchback version of Model S I would probably be into signature list of that vehicle. Something in VW golf -size class (which isn't actually that small compared to Model S).

Just for fun I "build" an 2012 VW Golf R to as close as possible to Model S (which is still far far away) and got over $35k car. Subaru Impreza WRX which is my really considered alternative costs over $40k with some options chosen (still not Model S class or even close). Teslas "smaller, general public car" should be no-brainer to me if it has decent range. Make it 4WD and it can cost quite a lot and I still get it.

If anyone doesn't who's not planning on going to the Model X event wouldn't mind sending me their ticket (assuming it's transferrable), I would greatly appreciate it. I reside in Los Angeles.
Please visit our site ( and for economic comparisons between the Model S and other vehicles.

Contact me at
Max Mindel

Just dug mine out of the spam filter. Seems they sent it from a slightly different address. Came on the 19th. I can't make it. (Not a ticket be instead a reply to the email. Call your local Tesla shop and ask.)

Max, perhaps you can ask for a press pass?

bfranks could make Max his +1 :P

I will also be attending the event on Feb. 9th.

According to Green Car Report on Jan 19th,

"That event, complete with "test rides," is to take place at the company's design studio in Hawthorne, California."

See you on the 9th,


I'm fortunate to be in So Cal, received the invite (Sig) on the 19th by the funny x email address. When I looked it up on G-maps it says SpaceX next to the Hathorne airport. How fun... I drove up to Fremont so I wouldn't miss this.

Drove up? It's not til 2/9

Got my invite, and will be flying down from Vancouver, BC for the event. We are Sig (Canada) as well as (very happy) Roadster owners.

If anyone can't go to the Model X event, I'd love to go.

P182 (holding my reservation since March 2009)


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