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It looks like I'll have to cancel - my garage is too small!

I bought my house 13 months ago, and it has an attached two door two car garage. It's a 1932 house and the garage bays are pretty tight for my Sentra and my wife's Jetta, so you can only imagine how the Model S fills it up.

Well, I took a tape measure to the dimensions, width, depth, etc. but I still couldn't quite picture whether it could functionally fit in my garage.

So I got a friendly TM forum goer (Ranjit) to bring his Model S over to give it a proper test.

When pulled forward ALL THE WAY, it really restricts the entrance to the basement, we'd have to slip past it every day.

And even when pulled forward all the way, there's only about 3 inches of clearance in the back for the garage door.

This photo doesn't really do the width justice, but I'd have to manually fold in the left mirror every time I got home, and even then it's a harrowing experience getting through the opening - maybe 4 inches of clearance combined left to right.

That support pillar is going to be replaced and relocated (with the red steel jack post you see in the back of the photo) regardless, so that's not as big of a deal (as it was, Ranjit couldn't even get out of the car once he pulled it in) but clearing the entrance to the garage was incredibly tight.

Now, I'm a very good parker and I'm sure I could manage to cram the car into and out of my garage on a daily basis. But would I be happy having to do so? No, I realize I would not - and that one time in a thousand that I scraped the hips or the outside mirror would drive me up the wall.

It is such a beautiful car. I just wish it wasn't quite so gigantic.


I guess my Sentra lives another day...when is the GenIII coming out again?

Outdoors with a car cover?


Time for a remodel of the garage.
I had a new detached two car garage built minus the center beams. It replaced a much smaller garage. The 20k investment was worth it. Might be worth calling some contractors and see if they can completely redo the entrance. With todays modern bridge beams the pillars might be able to go away. Plus they may have some ideas for the basement door.

Nothing doing outdoors - my steep driveway is about as long as half a model S - I live on a hill and you can't even park in the driveway without blocking the sidewalk (I've got a parking ticket to prove it).

And moving, well, like I said we just bought the house a year ago - if I was made of money maybe - but if I was made of money I could reengineer the garage to make it a single double-wide door to at least remove the width problem from the equation.

Heh, Sudre - I was already looking at a panel upgrade and house rewiring for this damn car, and can barely afford the 60kwh as it is. Remodeling the garage (and honestly given the dimensions of everything else there's really not much to be done other than a double door) would make this car even more expensive. No can do.

How about a Roadster!

Ha! Only 60k for a Roadster with only 1200 miles! Great idea!


My situation is not too different, although not quite as bad -- a one-car garage with a couple of inches front and back, and just enough room to open the driver's side door if the car is parked within two inches on the passenger's side. I don't have to fold the mirrors, however.

You might consider some minor modifications to the garage. I took out a shelf at the back of the garage, and it made all the difference. I back in, and use a parking bump bolted to the floor to tell me when I need to stop. In the picture, it looks like you could gain some space by taking out the wall leading up the stairs, replacing it with a railing. Replacing the support pillar will also help a lot. The one thing to keep in mind is that it is very easy to control the movement of the Model S. I enter my garage VERY slowly, but the car can easily be moved in 1/2 inch increments. Also, I hung a padded blanket against the walls where I am likely to touch.

Don't give up yet! I know you can do this.

Oh, and in case you haven't seen it:

The costs of the remodel alone would push this enterprise beyond my already extremely strained budget for the car, and doing it without a remodel would be a daily hassle. I'm at peace with it, it just sucks.

@archibaldcrane - very sorry to hear that and I fear I might be in the same position.

I have plenty of room in depth (tandem garage), but width is a serious concern for me. I live in a townhouse complex with a narrow driveway with townhouses perpendicular to the driveway - very tight. I have a Camry hybrid now which is MUCH less wide than the S and even that is tricky to fit into.

Was very nice of Ranjit to try to park in your garage. I tried to convince TM to let me take my test drive to my house (only 10 minutes away), but they said no.

Guess I will just...hope or turn to street parking.

Our contractor is racing against time to finance our garage renovation. We're two weeks away from delivery and this is our garage as of 15 minutes ago.

Greendot - the dimensions on the website of the model S appear to be dead-on - maybe tape a straw on each of your mirrors representing the width of the Model S and see how driving your Camry feels?

Wow, I literally just thought of this being an issue for me today. I will have to bust out the tape measure tonight. I know for a fact I would have to switch sides of the garage with my wife (she's currently on the left side so I don't get door dings). Anything besides parking it in the garage is not practical.

196" long, 86.2" wide including mirrors.

I might be in a similar situation. I will see if there is a Toronto owner who wants to swing by my place.

I got room in my garage.. you can keep it here provided I can drive it ;-)
Just kidding.... well actually.....


Video blocked :(

Yikes! My garage may be slightly too small as well.

I rent an older (not quite 1932, but not much newer) house that has a one car garage that seems to have been custom built for whatever was housed inside at the time of construction.

I knew that it would be tight after seeing the S in person, but I figure it would still be smaller on every side than my Town Car.

Turns out that while it is about 2 feet shorter in length, it's 10 whole inches wider (with the mirrors extended)!

The Town Car actually sticks out of the back of the garage (door lies against it like: \ ), but at 76 and three quarters inches wide, I am already very close on either side of the entrance.

I suppose since I have to get out of the car already to open the garage door, I can make the circuit around the passenger side to fold both mirrors in.

Who wouldn't want an extra chance to see every angle of this car anyway :P


Yeah, sorry about the video. It was a hilarious piece about a guy putting his car in a REALLY narrow garage. I don't know any way to find it again.

@kevinf311: Are you sure it's really 10" wider, or are you just going off Town Car specs. Measure your garage door. I think you'll find that the town car is really only 76" wide with its mirrors folded (compared to Model S width of 77" with mirrors folded), and it's very close because with mirrors extended it's not really that different from the Model S with mirrors extended. Most car manufacturers only advertise body width and don't even tell you how wide the car is with mirrors extended.

Yeah, you definitely need to employ a tape measurer to the width of your garage opening.

Yeah, I have a standard single car door of 8', or 96", which will be a bit tight, but doable. I figure I have a foot to spare lengthwise. The thing I'm most unsure about is room to get out, but I measured and then tried simulating it in the showroom, and I think it will be OK (I'm planning to do the trick of having padding on the garage wall so that I can open the door until it hits). I measured everything 3 times before I even reserved. The house is from 1909, so the garage was built for a Model T ;-)

With the tight spot I'm thinking of reversing into the garage, since if I'm in a hurry coming home I can choose to either park on the street and not charge or back carefully in, but then it's easier when I'm leaving (when I'm often in a hurry). Unlike most cars I have to decide that in advance to position the plug.

Reconceptualize. Leave the door open and call it a car port.


I call shenanigans on you! In the "how many cancellations" thread you posted that you had ALREADY canceled on December 26th and asked how long it would take to get your money back! You sir, are not truthful!

looks like a perfect fit!

Is that the one where the guy reaches out the car window to open the kitchen door so he can swing his car door open enough to get into the kitchen then roll the car forward enough to close its door and then his kitchen door? That tight-fit one?

@gregv64: I was going off the Wikipedia entry for my Town Car. I'll definitely be checking things with a tape measure and was mostly joking about not fitting. Worst case I could always move!

I gave it a closer eyeball measurement when I got home this evening and felt better about things, but it'll still be close all around. If it wasn't raining I would have measured for sure.


Yes. I think it was in Dutch, but you didn't need to understand the words to follow it. I think he had three centimeters to spare.

lajollan - I cancelled reservation # 12,104 and made a new reservation # 16,921 to push back my delivery date, both for financial reasons and because of worry about my garage being large enough. I've talked about re-reserving a number of times on these forums.

But I appreciate your enthusiasm for wrongly calling me a liar. :)

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