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It looks like I'll have to cancel - my garage is too small!

I bought my house 13 months ago, and it has an attached two door two car garage. It's a 1932 house and the garage bays are pretty tight for my Sentra and my wife's Jetta, so you can only imagine how the Model S fills it up.

Well, I took a tape measure to the dimensions, width, depth, etc. but I still couldn't quite picture whether it could functionally fit in my garage.

So I got a friendly TM forum goer (Ranjit) to bring his Model S over to give it a proper test.

When pulled forward ALL THE WAY, it really restricts the entrance to the basement, we'd have to slip past it every day.

And even when pulled forward all the way, there's only about 3 inches of clearance in the back for the garage door.

This photo doesn't really do the width justice, but I'd have to manually fold in the left mirror every time I got home, and even then it's a harrowing experience getting through the opening - maybe 4 inches of clearance combined left to right.

That support pillar is going to be replaced and relocated (with the red steel jack post you see in the back of the photo) regardless, so that's not as big of a deal (as it was, Ranjit couldn't even get out of the car once he pulled it in) but clearing the entrance to the garage was incredibly tight.

Now, I'm a very good parker and I'm sure I could manage to cram the car into and out of my garage on a daily basis. But would I be happy having to do so? No, I realize I would not - and that one time in a thousand that I scraped the hips or the outside mirror would drive me up the wall.

It is such a beautiful car. I just wish it wasn't quite so gigantic.


I guess my Sentra lives another day...when is the GenIII coming out again?

You might want to consider removing the center pillar between the garage doors, and have it replaced with a gluelam, or steel I beam, and replace the two garage doors with one large one. That's going to eliminate most of your fit issues.

The video about the Belgium guy in a Panda ia blocked on most sites, I did find here:

parking a fiat panda

Can you tell me the size of your garage that you measured out?

Keep the existing garage door always up. Or demo. Then put new garage door on outside of garage. Perhaps remove casing on existing garage door opening to get a couple inches width.

The car is worth it.

Wait for Gen III in a couple of years.

Measured my garage today, as it was only slightly raining instead of full on raining as before.

My fears of width were assuaged, but my faith in wikipedia measuring skills is lessened.

While I am all set on the width (that I thought was going to be a problem), I am now coming up short on length (that I thought was all set). From all the way against the far wall (how I park the existing Town Car), to the very edge of the mouth of the doorway is 196" which is the exact length of the S.

My next round of measuring will be with the Town Car backed out, and the garage door closed so I can see if the vertical braces on the door itself will intrude too far into the garage and eat away at those 196 inches.

You may need to append a large box extension to the far wall to make room for her nose. Needs must when the Devil drives ...

@l_younis - my garage is 17' long (204 inches) and 88" wide. While the car technically "fits" (if you fold in a mirror) it's a nightmare to get in the garage. To kevinf311, if your garage is only 196" or less, it will not fit.

That is one of the saddest things I've ever heard. It's like meeting the perfect woman (ex-olympic gymnast supermodel whose family owns a brewery) and losing her phone number...

@archibaldcrane, if you can tolerate the wait you really might be better off with GenIII car. After all, if the next Roadster can be based on that platform it can't be worse than Model S platform, just smaller. You then just need to pick the appropriate model that fits your preferences from that platform.

I believe TM will make a real sport car (not just roadster) using that platform, Model S, even that it is really really fast, is a large family car, not a sport car. It being fast is just side-effect of it being real BEV and not some conversion. Even EV1 with it's ancient techs was fast off the line, not a rocket like Model S, but fast.

I hope TM gives us some details about GenIII plans soon.

TM needs perhaps to set up a new division dedicated to remodelling and upgrading garages for the S!

Yeah I plan to just hope my Nissan holds up until GenIII or something interesting from another automaker. Although GenIII will still need to provide what I was getting from the Model S - 4 doors, 200+ miles range. A new roadster won't cut it.

Almost in same situation, my privious car was a rover wich was 485 cm (aprox 6 inches shorter that Model S) - and was already to long for my car port by a few inches.
Even though my curent carport is only 2 years old, I'm now in the midle of the process to extend my car port so it becomes aprox 25 inches longer and at same time change it to a closed garage.

If I where in your shoes, I would investigate if it is posible to extend your garage 25 inches or so out the driveway - this should be fairly simple (cheap) task, depending on the house it could be done well and still look fine - e.g. try imaging extend with glass sides - this will also make your garage look better with more daylight comming in.
if your are a handy man your self, it should be posible to do this for less than 4000$ - removing the tech pack and you have the $$

Im shure this will be a good solution in the long run, not only for your Model S but also for any other future car.

Can't really make it longer, my garage is directly beneath the front bedroom and it's a flat front to the house with a very short and steep driveway, it would look ridiculous (and be expensive) to pop out the front of the garage and would make the driveway even steeper. Just processed my cancellation today :(

Good luck to all of you large-garaged Tesla owners!

Put a BIG awning out front?


Mine is 17' long as well, but 111 inches wide. Do you think I will have an issue? The garage door is 92 inches wide, so I think I will stil have to fold the mirrors to get in. Im more worried about the length, your thoughts by seeing it?

If you have no barriers to prevent you from basically touching the back wall with the bumper (you'll want to put some padding or whatever, or screw wheel stops into your floor so you get within an inch of your back wall) you should be ok. In my case I've also got that door that gets 3/4ers blocked with the car that far forward, which is an additional pain. But for me, if it was just the length, I'd still maybe consider it. Combining that length with the width (and the very steep short driveway that makes lining up even more difficult) I just decided it wasn't going to be worth it.

That extra 4 inches of width you have will be very helpful. How is your approach? Flat and straight? If so (and if you're a competent parker) you should be fine, and will likely get good enough where you don't have to fold in your mirror at all (just get as close as possible to the left mirror and you'll be fine). If your approach to the garage door has a turn or something it'll be tricky.

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