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Kudos from a BMW E-Active Driver

Perusing "Tesla Model S News" on the Internet I came upon this blog/review on the MS. I could nitpick on a couple of points but overall it is a pretty good review from a BMW E-Active owner.

Yea that was great. From a HUGE BMW fan, you get the gushiest of gushing reviews. One more data point that Tesla makes the BEST CAR IN THE WORLD, bar none.

For me, the picture of the Model S and the BMW E-Active together says it all:

I commented there, "Your suggestion that locals load up at the Superchargers is wrong. First, the time required vs. the $ saved means they are valuing their time at less than minimum wage. Second, they would "clog" the stations, which are intended for intercity drivers, estimated by the Dept of Transportation at under 5% of all drives/trips (though 30% of all mileage).

"Free" is not necessarily "smart".

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