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Local delivery question

I was wondering if Tesla is expecting payment for the car to be sent to headquarters prior to delivery or whether Tesla has been accepting payment via check at delivery time.

My delivery specialist's assistant couldn't provide an answer. We are ready to sign for the remaining funds needed and our credit union is waiting for an answer.

When I picked up my car in Bellevue, I just had a cashier's check to give to the delivery specialist and he took it there on the spot. No need to wire funds to Tesla.

I actually picked up my cashier's check from our credit union the day before my delivery and had it all ready to go. I believe I made the check out to Tesla Motors.

Thanks for the tip!

Afterthought... Did Tesla request a cashier's check? Some of this will come from a Credit Union loan, some from a brokerage account and some more from a personal checking account. We are trying to figure out whether we need to merge the $ in advance.

Tesla didn't require a cashiers check. Our credit union, First Tech, wanted to just have one check for the entire amount. First Tech required that I give them the balance of the amount due on the car beyond what they financed based on my final Motor Vechicle Purchase Agreement that specified the exact sales price of the car. Then First Tech made out one cashiers check for the total amount due.

I'm sure Tesla would be fine if you had multiple checks for the balance due on your car if that's how you're set up.

Ben told me a personal check is acceptable.

Thanks Blurry and Epley.

We are using First Tech too. I now have all the info I need and I feel prepared. Thanks for your help.

I paid with a personal check. They cashed it about a week later.

I just got word back from our delivery specialist and this is what he shared about the process:

When I am notified by our production and logistics teams that your Model S is expected to arrive, I organize and submit the information needed to generate your Final Purchase Agreement. Usually I know anywhere from a week to three days before the vehicle is shipped. I try submit the paperwork as soon as possible as to give customers ample time to prepare their finances.

Tesla does accept personal checks as well as bank checks. A personal check is ok for part of the final payment so feel free to use the most convenient method.

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