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Look alike cars

I have Tesla fever. It affects my vision and I need help. A week ago I thought I saw an S, yesterday thought I saw a different one. Not really sure though. What cars on the market resemble the model s, particularly the front ends (as they drive towards you)?

I want to know for sure before I do a mid highway U turn to beg for a ride...

Jaguar XF is a close contender. Break lights show similar design too.

The big give away will be the front grill, or lack of.

@ jeanyvest

B-R-A-K-E lights...not break lights!

Look for exhaust pipes.

There is an Infinity and an Audi out there that look very similar from the front as well.

Door handles are another sure way to tell a genuine Model S. There's no other car with handles like that.

The Maseratit Quattroporte has some similar lines. I don't know of any cars that have the headlight configuration as cool as the Model S. It's very distinctive. I agree that the Jag looks very similar, particularly from the back.

Sorry--Maserati. Need an edit feature!

the Audi S7 is a lookalike from the direct rear view


Except for the tailpipe :)

The MS was designed before the XF. It's a derivative copycat! Courtesy of Tata Motors.

Most people comment to me that it looks like a cross between a Porsche Panamera and a Jag XF.

I'd say a cross between Jaguar XF and Audi A7. that is how i best describe the car to my friends

Or and A7 with a better looking butt or and XF with way better reliability ;-)

Tell people Jag XF copied Tesla. Tesla MS came first.

Looks like the new Ford Fusion, "ack" took a look at Tesla before it's design. Simiar hood and other front and side traits.

Aston Martin Rapid with Audi S7 (or A7). I think there is someone that has Audi A7 that has similar route to work as I because the car I have been mistaking for Model S has almost always turned out to be Audi with closer look. There are couple of jags and other similar things nearby too, but somehow I can make a difference between those and Model S quite easily.

Then there is that one mystery car I saw from my window just few days ago that looked so much like Model S from up and side that I almost rushed out of my apartment to look more closely. Then noticed the chrome frames in tail lights, and thought "that's not right" and after checking some pictures noticed that those tail lights also curve at wrong direction (up instead of down). I still don't know what it was, but I know now that there is some car that looks a lot like Model S that isn't Audi.

(hypothesis: must have been GenIII test car ;-P)

Tesla Model S looks like a Model S. 'Nuff said.

Looks more like a Kia Optima to me

Kia optima? Seriously? That's a much more angular car.

Maserati has fooled me a couple times, but one door from the side, no tailpipes, and no "wings" logo

Not the audi or Kia, too different
The Jaguar XF, Maserati, and Aston Martin were quite similar on the front end.

@RNB if you find yourself near CT, I'll give you a ride.

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