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The Model S Apps SDK...

When will the TM Model S SDK available for thrid party developing? And how will TM vet these apps?

I asked about this on Sunday at the NY store and was told there is no timeline for this to be available.

I was told there would be some personalization available through the interface, but I didn't get to play with it while in the car (Beta VIN %47).

I can't wait myself, I already have a list of idea's for apps and it's getting longer!

Am I wrong in my recollection that there will be a native application for owners to access the vehicle remotely?

Not only would I want to customize my car, I'd also like access to key features remotely, such as AC, lights, door locks and some anti-theft capability like location and safely cutting the engine.

I hope / assume that if there is a native app those would be things that are tenable.

I have seen an iOS and heard of Android apps available for the Model S to control at least some of those features, yes! Let me find a video link to post...

Here is the app running while the car is running apparently!

BYT Thanks - very cool!

I thought so too, exciting and super cool! :) Can't wait to expand or see how Tesla expands on that!

Suggested elsewhere: Voice Command (e.g) "Open the Pod Bay doors, Hal!" to lower the windows, and/or open the pano roof, etc. Customizable by owner? Hm, I wonder if it will speak Klingon ...


My wife calls my future Performance S

"His $100,000 computer"

With apps like these …. it is kind of true ;)

Tell her, "Well, when I was a young'un, $100K wouldn't even buy a decent calculator! Certainly not one with wheels."


Sadly, I also spent a few hundred on the 1st "portable" calculator from TI that did only basic math.

Some of you are confusing the "remote control" app for smartphones targeted to end users as opposed to the App SDK for developers.

@Brian H, it's a mobile phone. A very mobile phone.

Boy are these filters aggressive... anyway I've posted my answer over to TCM.

I bought my first basic calculator for $130 back in 1973.

I bought my first Dell Intel 486 for over $4k back in the 90's I think it was. It was the sweetest rig out at the time but man did it depreciate fast.

I am getting off topic however. I think to answer tdelta1000, Tesla will release the SDK to create the Tesla Motors Apps(may call it the TM App Store maybe) after a few Production Vehicles have shipped out to keep their focus on the cars themselves.

I can't imagine they will be overwhelmed with apps at the start so a couple guys can vet these apps until interest ramps up. Even then, I don't think it will ever be an issue until TM is selling the Bluestar cars and producing 20k or more a year compared to more than 100 Million iOS based devices from Apple for example.

NOTE: speedmind on the TeslaMotorClub site asked Elon about the SDK specifically and here was his comments on it:

BYT. 486? I upgraded from a Commodore to a 8086 (PC-DOS, dual floppies, no HD, 500K RAM, 5MHz) for about $2400 in the late 70s, later upgraded with a 8087 floating-point coprocessor!
Then on thru 80186, 286(AT), 386, 486, P1, P4. Prices peaked at around the 386 period, I think. This summer I'll finally go dual or quad, I guess. Bloatware keeps demanding faster hardware! >:(

Yeah, the vicious cycle the forces us to upgrade. And they call this "progress" apparently? ;) Ah well, it keeps me employed as well so I guess I can't complain too much... :D

It's a fascinating conundrum in real world situations. If you have a project that will take several years with state-of-the art hardware, just wait till the last few months and get the latest rig and you'll do the whole thing in the remaining time for a fraction the h/w and 'labor' costs. Moore's Law is vicious.

That's only true if you already know what the input variables are. Most of the "several years" are spent finding out about the variables--in particular the variables you didn't even know existed at the start of the project. Moore's Law doesn't cover those.

Always start by making a list of all the unknowns... :)

"Always start by making a list of all the unknowns... :)"

That list is always longer... ;)

I'm waiting for an agile versus waterfall argument to break out...

@Mike_ModelS_P457 bring it ...

btw, you a pig or a chicken if it goes the agile way ;-)

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