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Model S Car Covers & Floor Mats?

Has anyone located a custom fit car cover and/or rubber floor matts? We received a pair of carpet floor mats for the front but not for the rear. Did anyone receive rear mats?

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Hey MichaelN don't leave us poor 60 KWH guys out, we want customized mats too.

Has anyone found a floor mat vendor that also puts the Tesla logo on the front mats? I was planning to upgrade with the ones in the Tesla store, but by the time I got my car they were no longer selling them. I've emailed a couple of the vendors mentioned in the forums, but haven't found one that has the logo.

I wrote WeatherTech and got an email back indicating they are the OEM vendor for Tesla mats. I wanted the WeatherTech rubber mats for the interior of the car and was told that they are on the Tesla accessories website, not true at this time. I have asked when they will be made available but haven't heard back from them on the interior mats. They are the manufacturer of the weather proof trunk, frunk and rear floor mats.

If I hear anything else I update you the forum.

If you're interested in the Tesla logo carpet floor mats that are no longer available at the Tesla Store Website and you live near a Service Center, check with them.

I got these pics from somebody who had posted on a different thread. I do not have these mats, but have asked for samples. Hope the photo post works...

I have an appointment at the Houston Service Center on Monday, so I'll check with them then. I was there when they first opened a month ago, but they had nothing in stock at that point. I believe the mats had already disappeared from the website before the Houston SC opened, so I doubt they'll have them, but it's worth a shot. Maybe they'll know when I can get some with the logo.

if the pix are hosted on the web, you can post them.

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Some hosting sites like Flickr have special instructions.

When I picked up my car, May 3rd, I asked my contact at the Houston Service Center about the "now they're there, now they're gone" concerning the floor mats. She said that the demand for the accessories was taking too much time away from the limited customer service staff versus focusing on car delivery, that they took off the carpet floor mats from the website, for now. Others have talked so much about the Lloyd's mats but I don't think they have the Tesla logo. The OEM mats are basic and will do the job while one waits for something more plush / different.
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Actually that information is only partially true. If accessory purchase was distracting their service personnel they could easily allow customers to purchase directly from Weathertec. If you volkerize "weathertec mats" you can view my months long crusade to buy 1st and 2nd row Weathertec mats for my car. The mats were always "six weeks away". Finally after speaking to an apologetic engineer through a salesperson at Westhertec I discovered the company had decided to make their mats available to MS owners through the Tesla store only at significant markup. The backstory is fascinating but beyond the purview of this forum. Suffice to say, if this model continues I may need to hedge the cost of premium aftermarket accessories with TSLA shares.

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